Just watched the October 19th special event, filmed live at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California where Apple celebrated Steve’s life.

What a legacy that man leaves behind, just awesome. From a business and executive coach’s perspective (yep, that’s me) a few thoughts:

Only great leaders create great companies. Great leaders will challenge and inspire their people in their quest for excellence. People will only experience a feeling of pride when they worked hard for their success. If success comes easily, overnight, without too much effort, pride will not enter the equation.

The quest for excellence never stops and is al around. In every piece of packaging. Every swipe of the finger. Every “How can I help you?” Everything.

And it doesn’t matter just some of the time. It matters all of the time. A great leader must be able to light that spark of continuous improvement within each and every employee. One cannot become motivated just because the boss says so. Only intrinsically motivated people are able to amaze themselves and as a result amaze the world.

Whether you’re making a product or offering a service, it all starts with the passion you have for whatever you do and the ability you have to focus your energy to become successful. A great leader creates a clear and compelling vision that makes people passionate.

Success depends on focus. Focus depends on passion.
Find your passion, create your focus, and success will follow.

The people at Apple have a passion, they’ve created their focus and became extremely successful by creating products that amazed the world and we now all love…..and that’s an emotion.

And it all started with one man and his quest for excellence who became successful by connecting his business to emotions and emotions to business and by attracting passionate people to make it all happen. Quite an accomplishment.

Just some thoughts…..

Oh, and one more thing: Coldplay ROCKS! (watch the event).


Author's Bio: 

Ton de Graaf is a Chartered Business Coach and acts as a sounding board for senior managers in Fortune 1000 companies. More info: www.tondegraaf.com