Among the numerous niggling issues businesspersons face is whether to hire a full time business lawyer.

It is true legal assistance is not required while running your day to day business provided you are able to handle certain issues on your own.

Most experienced businesspersons handle the following tasks on their own and in a very competent manner.

• Crafting a business plan
• Crafting a trademarked business name
• Structuring a legal partnership agreement
• Creating contract documents
• Hiring contractors
• Submitting IRS forms

The above is only an indicative list. There can be many more tasks.
However, there are circumstances when you may feel the need for a business lawyer.

If you are running a business in Maryland, you will need a business attorney if:
• the state or the federal government investigates your business for violation of any laws
• your business is entangled in any environmental dispute
• a former or a current employee sues your company for gender discrimination or other issues
• you are selling any assets of your company or acquiring assets of another company
Any error while handling any of the above on your own can have disastrous consequences on your business.
A tricky part, however, is finding a competent business lawyer.
Fortunately, if you are looking for a business attorney, Maryland has a few competent firms.

But here is a tip.

Do not expect to find good legal assistance by just browsing through the internet and picking up an attorney firm that superficially looks good.
It makes good sense to do some homework on your own.
To start with, consider opinions via referrals.

Speak with someone in the business and close to you who has experienced the same issues you are currently facing.
If a woman employee has sued you for sexual discrimination, consult a women’s group.
Do not depend entirely on referrals either.
People’s responses can be very subjective and based on their unique situations.
Online services can of great help, provided you do proper research.

There are several well-known websites that provide a way to connect with prominent lawyers in your state. For example, if you are in Baltimore, the website can link you to a competent business attorney in Maryland.
Some law websites offer a lawyer directory that provides an inclusive profile for each law firm with comprehensive information that will help you find the right legal representation.

Lawyer referral services are another source to get reliable information.

There is no harm in trying the referral services offered by the local bar association.
The advantage here is you can get the best business attorney Maryland.

The best bet is to zero-in on a specialist in business law. Keep in mind that not many lawyers have the experience and wherewithal to deal with business cases.
And last but not the least is that you must vibe with the personality of the lawyer.

The goal must be to achieve a personal chemistry with the attorney. This helps in creating a good rapport that’s vital while dealing with legal issues.

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