For some individuals it is a matter of principle - reading business book summaries instead of the original book is simply cheating, getting much more done in much less time as well as saving money on it.

Though it may be tempting to be jealous of anybody with these positives on their side, the cheating might not be as great as you think once it's thought via. The truth is that business book summaries have their downfalls too.

Quicker Isn't Always Better

Though it's easy to think that reading something faster means putting that info into play faster and consequently profiting from it much more rapidly, the truth is that reading a business book slowly is frequently absolutely essential to understand it at all. Reading an whole original book also assists the brain slow down and take in what it is seeing, making it much more most likely to absorb the info and hold it longer than if the information was taken in through a miniscule (and possibly poorly written) business book summary.

The Meat is in the Details

Business book summaries are fantastic at giving the major points of a business book in a way that's simple to digest and move onto the next summary. However, business books frequently need the additional attention to detail to be able to take something away from it of substance. A book about the technicalities of the stock market cannot possibly be adequately described in a business book summaries, because the meat of that book is in the details of it - the small tips for large success, the anecdotes and lessons learned by the author, and so on. These are important in some business books and therefore outshine summaries as the best way to digest it.

Inexpensive Rarely Equals Quality

One phrase that sticks out in everyone's mind when they purchase a cheap item that snaps ten minutes later is "you get what you pay for." This phrase is enormously appropriate to business book summaries as well. Although they're an excellent source of fast information and much less expensive than the original work, this does not mean the summary will have the quality and care put into it that the original book did, which obviously implies that summaries have lower high quality work than the books they summarize. Weighing the cost using the quality of work you'll be reading is essential in selecting the right way for you to read the same info.

Using business book summaries to assist you expand and discover much more about managing and profiting from your business. Executive book summaries are often dedicated to management info.

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I read a lot of business books to stay ahread for my management careers. And turns out reading business book summaries is the fastest way to grasp info.