The internet growing by tens of thousands of sites daily. The explosive growth we are seeing shows no real signs of slowing down. That is why today more than ever before it is important to create a presence on the internet that goes beyond putting up a business card type website.

A business card website is what most companies put on the net these days. It is the page that introduces them to the internet world. It gets their name out on the web. For the most part that is it. This type of website is still needed but it is not what sells most products or services.

When setting up a marketing plan, creating a brand presence is critical. Your website needs to stand out from others. To do this effectively in today’s marketplace there are a few things you will want to consider as you are setting your plan up.

Business Card Website – This is still an important part of setting up your online presence but it is not meant as a sales page. This type of website will have tabs such as About, Contact, Home, FAQ, etc.

A Blog – The Google’s of the world look for fresh content. Today this is a big part of their ranking criteria. Having a blog allows you to easily create constant new content for your business. A good rule of thumb once your blog is set up is to create two to three new blog posts each day for the first two weeks. After that two to three blog posts per week.

Get Social – Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are just some of the social media sites that you should consider setting up. Social Media is one of the hottest marketing tools today. There are numerous strategies to employ for using them.

Squeeze Page – A squeeze page is designed to capture your visitor’s information. For the most part you will want your visitors name and email address. This information is vital to your future success. Building a strong list should be job number one.

Sales Page – Once your visitor gives you their information on your squeeze page your sales page will pop up. This page is meant to deliver your offer to your visitor. The sales page is will only deliver one offer at a time. If you are selling 3 different items, you will use 3 different sales pages.

Creating Back Links – Back links are links on other websites that link back to your site. You should take advantage of all of your sites pointing to your squeeze page. Remember you will capture your visitor’s information and give you future opportunities to market to them. Your blog will also get quite a few back links if you are regularly adding new content.

Today branding yourself and your business is vital to your marketing success. Don’t try to mimic General Electric’s marketing strategy. Their business is much different than the average person trying to market their products online.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: - Set up the various web pages listed above, keep the content fresh an create links back to your site.

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