“Save energy save the world” is a common slogan these days. Individuals, as well as organizations, are putting their efforts to fight the energy crisis. Business energy is one of the major chunks in energy consumption. Organisations are rigorously working on efficient energy management, in order to cut the business energy cost as well as playing their part in preventing the hazardous affects of global warming.

The high price of business energy has forced organisations to spend huge amounts on utility bills. Reduction in business energy costs can help organisations improve their profitability. One way, organisations can reduce their energy bills considerably, is by implementing some simple austerity measures on an individual level; like turning off unused lights and other equipment, stop using stand by modes for inoperative machines and equipments etc.

Apart from individual efforts for reducing business energy consumption, organisations can trim down their electricity and gas cost by opting for a lower business energy price. In the UK, there are numerous companies which help organisations to get the best deal of business energy by price comparing suppliers. These energy brokers ensure that customers get the best price and service according to their needs and requirements. These companies do not charge the business customers a fee though they get commission from the suppliers on their lists.

Another way to check the business energy cost is the incorporation of smart meters in the energy management process by organisations. Smart meters provide the exact measurement of the business energy usage. It not only displays the total consumption of the business energy but also shows the cost incurred. Through smart meters, organisations can have a constant check on their energy consumption cost. The detailed reports of energy consumption generated by the smart meters not only assist the organisation in question to determine the wastage but also help to anticipate future requirements of business energy. Internet meters are the most progressive form of smart meters for gauging the energy cost and consumption.

As mentioned earlier, efficient use of energy not only reduces the expense of the organisation but it also helps in decreasing the emission of green house gases. The general public today is much more environmentally conscious than before. When given a choice, they tend to opt for an organisation or business that is more environmentally friendly, causing organisations to feel their social responsibility in protecting the environment.

The UK government has also taken some measures to encourage low business energy consumption in organizations. Since 2001, a tax, known as Climate Change Levy (CCL), is charged on all the organisations and businesses consuming business energy. Its purpose is to cut the excess consumption of energy. The government has also introduced a CRC energy efficiency scheme which aims to target the energy efficiency and ultimately helps in cutting down the carbon dioxide emission.

In short, efficient use of business energy can be a good source for organisations to increase profitability and efficiency. Proficient use of business energy not only contributes to the organization but to the whole society as well.

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