The line that separates an executive from a business owner is called grit. An employee executes tasks to fulfill others' dreams, while an entrepreneur executes tasks to accomplish their dreams. Unfortunately, many of us endure a job that pays us enough to pay the bills and place food on the table without any mental satisfaction or personal fulfillment. Instead of living a life we love, we live for the weekends. It's either because we fear moving outside the pseudo comfort zone of a 9-5 job or because we fail to acknowledge the business we started is becoming a 9-5. Through her company, Deedee Breski has helped passionate individuals find the grit needed to build the life and business of their dreams. Her coaching is innovative because it aligns faith-raised people with their purpose so that every time they face a hurdle, they overcome it. 


Deedee Breski is the founder of Power Method University, a coaching certification and business school that certifies coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs in discovering the purpose, building fulfilling businesses, and subconscious reprogramming techniques. Based on biblical and spiritual principles, the methods achieve profound, lasting, and transformative results. Besides being an entrepreneur, Deedee is also a wife, mother to a daughter, and a firm believer in God. Her experience with God created a lasting transformation in her life and business. Through Power Method University, Deedee wants others to experience the same fulfilling lives and flourishing businesses. 

It all started when Deedee felt stuck in a 9-5 job that paid her less than she deserved. It was a system that trapped her into slogging throughout the week and living life only on weekends. She broke free from this system, defying the status quo to create a business that fulfills her in every way. With the six figures business she started, Deedee now loves every day of the week. She works part-time and gets to spend enough quality time with her husband and daughter. 

So many people worldwide are stuck in jobs or businesses they hate but have no idea how to come out of it and build a fulfilling career. In this situation, Deedee steps in as a coach, transforming people's lives in multiple ways. Her mission is to help people unleash their potential in all aspects of life and motivate them to pursue their passion for profit. She also wants to help people discover their purpose in life and fulfill it, playing by their own rules. For Deedee, it is more than a highly satisfying and worthy cause. She believes it is her purpose in life, the reason why God created her and guided her through various life experiences. 

Deedee overcame societal conditioning and naysayers by self-educating herself and experiencing God. Although she loved her life with her husband, she had more to offer the world and secretly felt like she was playing small. So Deedee left her job at six months pregnant and moved 1000 miles to start her coaching business, tap into her potential, and have the freedom to spend time with her daughter. Though undeniably worth the effort, the journey could have been smoother. Deedee suffered a rare birthing injury during the delivery with little hope of recovering. Yet, a positive lesson can always be learned under challenging situations, no matter how difficult. That period taught her to appreciate the value of womanhood and the importance of maintaining strength through struggles. 

Deedee dreams of her daughter looking up to her as a role model capable of achieving anything through hard work, integrity, and a relationship with God. Besides her God-given purpose, her daughter is her biggest inspiration. The success of her clients constantly motivates her. It shows how a little coaching can make a world of difference in someone's life. Deedee aspires to continue her mission and help more people live fulfilling lives, accomplishing their dreams and purpose in life.

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