Do you basically 'suck' at business networking?

When I pose this question so frankly to business professionals, their first reaction is usually one of shock and it is understandable. No one wants to accept or admit that their business networking skills...are NOT working.

So back to the are your business networking skills?

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Business Networking?

Most professionals, in an attempt to 'get out there' will attend any event that appears to be related to their work. Typically, people attend Chamber of Commerce business networking events, BNI, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions etc in a attempt to 'network.'

While there's nothing wrong with attending the events put on by these groups, what definitely is not right is attending them without a specific purpose.

The purpose of business networking is not to 'be out there' or to meet 'like minded people.' Those are nice-to-do' activities. Your goal from business networking is to network with the best people and businesses that you can help and that can help your business achieve your business and personal goals.

Your time is valuable and so you shouldn't spend it gnawing on tasteless rubber chicken and hovering around people who are as hungry for business as you are. It just doesn't make sense.

So what does make sense then? Glad you asked because below, you're going to discover the golden rules of business networking that can help you attract more profits to your business fast.

The Business Networking Rules

Rule #1 - Only attend events where there is a high concentration of your most ideal customers or clients

Rule #2 - Only attend a business networking event if there are people that you want to connect with but have no other way of reaching them

Rule #3 - Make sure that get opportunities to speak at the business networking events you attend

Rule #4 - Befriend the the movers and shakers in the business networking events that you attend.

Sounds a little to 'business-like' for you? Remember, your business is about making profits (unless you're a not-for-profit) and to do that you've got to strategically operate when it comes to utilizing your most important assets, i.e. your time.

Sure you can help people out and link people together, but when it comes down to it, you've got to make profits for your business to survive and thrive and business networking, when you do it the way you're read above, will get you there.

Try it for yourself for the next 90 days and see!


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BAYO is a Business Development and Marketing Consultant and Coach. He Works with struggling business owners, solo professionals, coaches and consultants to help them eliminate their biggest challenges with growing their business.

His sites include and among others. Bayo is a prolific information product creator and helps professionals create their own 'positioning' products that position them as experts in their field