Where can i find some honest business opportunities where people don't think it is a scam?

I gave Stan the Man a thumbs up! He is correct. Me personally I have found the best type of business to start up is a home based business. You have the same income opportunity as a traditional business has, and you also have less over head to pay for each month. Most everything in your house, is part of your business, which becomes tax write offs. Your telephone, computer, heating, electricity, car etc. Less over head, less bills to pay out then a traditional business which means MORE profit. Home based businesses are also cheaper to start up then a traditional store front. They're also easier to maintain.

With the business experiences that I have had, the best type of home based business to have, I feel is collaborating with another business. In doing this, it lessens the stress factor that a traditional business has, yet you have the same income opportunity, no overhead, no buying products to turn around and sale, no bills to pay, etc. So everything you make, is basically a profit! That's what my husband and I did over six years ago.

We collaborated with the largest direct selling Telecommunications service provider in the world. They market in Local and Long Distance telephone services, Internet, video phones, digital phones, VOIP, Satellite TV as well as all the major cellular phone providers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltell, Nextell etc. We save people money on services that they already have and can introduce them to services that they don't have. Everytime these people pay their bills, we make a percentage over and over again each month.

It's really easy to do and we do it from home. So this is one type of home based business available. If you'd like to look at some more ideas, I created a blog on home based business opportunities on my 360 page that your more then welcome to take a look at. There are over half a dozen to take a look at. More at https://medium.com/@s.joana/neora-as-a-business-opportunity-b65fb1eef43e

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