There is a proverb in God’s word (Prov. 16:32b KJV) that says, “he that rules his spirit is better than he that takes a city”. Self-control is no doubt a major key to living a healthy, happy and successful life.

But each of us has our share of good and bad days. We have periods when we are on top of the mountain and times when we are deep in the valley. How do we stay consistent?

Here are five ways to become the master of your domain (controlling your emotions) so that you can be productive in any business opportunity...

1.) Because you may wake up today in a totally different mood than yesterday, the way you feel about going after success will change. Today you might be in a positive frame of mind but tomorrow you might feel like a disgruntled postal worker. Our emotions go through CYCLES.

You may be in a slump today but sooner or later you will bounce back. But you cannot afford to wait to do business on just your good days. To be an EFFECTIVE salesman (being master of your domain) means controlling your moods DAILY for maximum profits.

2.) Knowing that your mood can easily dictate what you get done today gives you a new responsibility. And that responsibility is that you cannot afford to let your EMOTIONS slow you down when you have major goals and dreams to accomplish.

Realize this – “A weak man permits his thoughts to control his actions. But a strong man forces his ACTIONS to control his thoughts.”

3.) Here is a GOOD HABIT used to control your daily emotions:

* If you feel depressed, sing a favorite song. Maybe play some music that makes you happy.

* If you are feeling sad think about things that make you laugh.

* If you feel fear, move forward and cancel out that fear.

* If you are feeling inferior or inadequate buy some new clothes.

* If you are feeling uncertain, raise your voice.

* If you are feeling the sting of poverty, think about future days of wealth and fun in the sun.

* If you feel incompetent think about past successes and accomplishments.

* If you feel insignificant remember your business goals and your dreams.

4.) Realize too that sadness and despair are easy emotions for anyone to recognize. But there are other emotions that are SNEAKY and well hidden that can be dangerous and cause you to stumble. They will come on you like a warm smile but can bite you hard if you are not aware of them.

* If you become overconfident just remember past failures.

* If you want to over-indulge think of leaner times.

* If you feel complacency, remember your competition.

* If you are enjoying a moment of greatness, remember moments of shame.

* If you are feeling powerful, remember that there is always someone bigger and stronger than you.

* If you attain great wealth, think about those who are going hungry.

* If you are feeling too proud, remember a moment of weakness.

* If you feel like you are the very best at what you do, look at the handy work of God that has been revealed in all nature.

5.) Knowing these SECRETS about controlling your emotions can also be a big plus in the marketplace in another way. HINT: Your customer’s mood changes from day-to-day just like yours do. And he is not aware of this or how to control it or that this weakness even exists. That same person today may be totally disagreeable while tomorrow he might be a real joy to be around. Knowing this little secret can make you a rich man!

If you have big goals and dreams of success, you must first learn to master yourself. Master your moods and be mightier than he that takes a city. This is how you become truly great in any business opportunity.

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