There are promising signs that the economy is beginning to turn. There are also some indications that we have another tough year ahead. Either way, there is something you can do about your own economic situation. You can take control by owning your own business.

Many say this isn’t a good time to invest in your own business. There is always a reason to reject the idea, but that’s only for those who don’t have confidence and belief in themselves. For example, one person had been interested in starting a business but wanted to hold off “because of the economy.” He didn’t think he should pull money out of his investment account at that time. We spoke about six months later and he stated that what he would have invested was now gone due to the market. That money could have been used to begin his business, and he would have now been earning revenues off of that investment. Instead, he has neither the money nor a business. What he does have is a job which he doesn’t enjoy and a feeling of never getting out.

Sound familiar? Starting a business part-time while you continue with your current career is a perfect solution to this economy. You’ll have your steady income while you launch your new company.

Many fear they won’t have the time to work full time plus start and develop a new business. Investing in a complete turnkey business package might be just the right solution. A turnkey business package, compared to a franchise, is less costly to purchase but offers very similar components. While you’re busy 40-plus hours per week working for your employer, much of the behind-the-scenes tasks will be completed for you. For example, you’ll most likely receive a complete marketing package. The time and funds that you would spend on your own creating a logo, business image, marketing materials and a website will be taken care of. Often these will be prepared for you within weeks.

Then there is the process of writing master letter files and other working documents that are necessary when running a business. They are also time-consuming, and until you start the business, you really don’t know what you need. These tasks, plus mentoring and training, allow for a quick start-up without the trial-and-error that is so costly in time and money. Therefore, your time can be spent promoting and growing your business instead of losing months of revenue-generating opportunities on non-revenue activities.

There are many industries that fit well into this scenario of part-time while keeping a full-time job. You will have the option to remain part time or develop it into a full time business. During this economy, your new company can serve as security in case you lose your job (happens a lot during a down economy) because you’ll have an established business ready to go to the next level. If you’re fortunate enough to keep your corporate employment, then you can choose when it’s the right time to pursue business ownership full time.

The benefit of this method of creating a business part time is that you have control and the funds to invest properly in a high quality thorough turnkey package. You have a self-created safety net to allow you to pursue your dream without the fear of loss. Having this support will allow you to spend your corporate time as required by your boss, and the free time can be spent building your business, doing what you love, while you receive all the help you need from your turnkey business package.

Author's Bio: 

Cindy Hartman is President of Hartman Inventory, a woman-owned business that provides business and home inventory services. She and her husband Mike also own Hartman Inventory Systems, a complete turnkey home inventory business package for those who want to establish their own inventory company. She is also an owner of Business Continuity Planning Specialists, which was created with the small business owners' needs and budgets in mind. Cindy writes a blog and is also a freelance writer on topics of disaster preparedness and recovery, small business, product reviews, marketing and networking.