The Business re-engineering model launched today by Business Change Strategist Zirk Botha is expected to start a new era in Productivity benchmarking.

Zirk Botha started his professional career as a Naval Combat officer where he excelled. He was appointed as the captain of a Warship at 23 and was awarded the Admiral Packer Trophy for Leadership at 29. He lectured in Strategy and Warfare before embarking on a new career as an Adventure Sports Marketer.

In December 2002 he was involved in an adventure related motor vehicle accident that resulted in brain trauma. He was struck in the face by a metal bar, the impact of which launched him 3 meters in the air and smashed the left side of his face and eye into hundreds of bone fragments.

The reconstructive surgery took 6 hours; the recovery from the brain trauma would take 6 years. It was during this period of recovery that the foundation for his Business re-engineering model was put in place.

Says Zirk “I was faced with daily dealing with interpersonal challenges as a result of the symptoms of my brain trauma, but I also realized that my challenges were magnified instances of those faced by of employees worldwide.”

It took 6 years for Zirk to recover from the effects of the brain trauma. During this period he had to create strategies for dealing with lack of confidence, an inability to communicate effectively and not being able to focus on the successful completion of tasks.

He was forced to create strategies to help him re-invent his life to be able to be a productive member of society.

Zirk teaches his strategies for individual and business success during a presentation in which he also shares about the accident and the years of living a life of depression.

This inspirational account not only motivates delegates not to give up, it also teaches proven strategies for living a life of significance. Business owners and managers can expect to experience changed employees, who with a proven strategy to improve their lives, will benefit business productivity as well.

With the aim of assisting businesses globally the international launch of this Re-Engineering model is managed online at

Author's Bio: 

Zirk Botha is a Motivational Speaker, Business Strategist and traumatic brain injury Survivor