Amongst the widely used methodologies of communication, it is said that SMS is still in the lead! In this period of communication modes such as video and voice calls, SMS still holds its popularity and significance. Its potential, reach and speed are the factors that keep it going.

In addition to this, according to the result of a controlled survey, the young-adults love texting over all other methods of communication. In some countries, it is the most used modes of communication till date!

It makes an undeniable fact that SMS has a long road ahead. It is one of the reasons why science has provided a new form of communication where the power of texting is harnessed! The following section will shed some light on the texting solution for business which is called text to landline / landline texting / business texting.

Core meaning

It is basically a service imparted by business messaging service providers by enabling your business landline or toll-free customer care number for texting! If one’s landline is text-enabled, he / she can receive and send text message (SMS) and / or picture message (MMS) over their landline number.

How can one use business texting?

To avail this service of business texting, one needs to contact the business messaging service provider. The service provider will charge a monthly subscription fee to provide the best business texting services. If one opts for the subscription, he / she will get a web-based user platform that can be utilised to send and receive SMS / MMS over their landline number.

How much time does it take to activate this service?

It generally takes 24 - 48 hours to text-enable the landline and to provide the user account to utilise the landline texting service.

What are the key benefits of Business Texting?

There are several benefits a user normally gets when he / she subscribes to landline texting service. Some of them are as follows:
Enable a business to use its landline connection to its full potential – Use landline for calling and texting both.

Commercial texting, it has become a lot easier - Business texting has become a breeze. Landline texting is considered ‘the next big thing’ in commercial communication. It is also the reason why automation-driven landline texting is in demand.

Organize professional texting in a more customized way - When it comes to text messaging in commercial settings, one would like to organize the texts according to the urgency of the clients.
Enhance customer satisfaction rates - It surely triggers the satisfaction of the customers because when communication is fast and crisp, then success in terms of keeping your customers happy will gradually follow.

Helps a company to reach its goals in no time - Through fast connectivity, business texting enhances the efficiency of a company, hence profit tends to touch the peak parallel with the relationship with one’s client.

Business texting is gaining a lot of popularity among all scaled businesses because of amazing benefits offered by it. The companies are using it as their primary mode of communication as it is convenient and cost effective.

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