SMS has been a preferred mode of communication for many customers, vendors and partners. According to the statistics more than 70% of people in the USA prefer to receive SMS over other modes of communication. Furthermore, SMS is read and responded faster than all other communication channels. The technopreneurs took this user behavior in mind and developed an advanced communication solution for business texting. This solution is more commonly known as text to landline, SMS to landline and Landline texting.

The business texting lets you use an existing landline or toll free number for 2-way texting. The most amazing benefit of business texting to landline is that the business doesn’t need to make any changes to use the business texting. It doesn’t need to change the landline phone hardware; it doesn’t need to install any software and it doesn’t need to change the phone service provider. Without any changes any business can leverage a plethora of benefits by using the business texting services. Your customers don’t need to download any application to receive the messages sent via business texting. They will receive it as a normal SMS in their mobile or Smartphone.

The business texting services are offered by various text to landline companies. You can choose the one that provides nice features at competitive rates. The business texting service is available at a monthly fee. Thus, you don’t need to spend anything as a capital investment. All you need to do is subscribe to landline texting services offered by a provider that you like the most.

The business texting over landline provides complete mobility to businesses. It means to use business texting and its features; you don’t necessarily need to sit beside the landline phone. You can be in any corner of the world and still you can receive and respond the SMS. The business texting to landline also comes with some amazing features along with the landline texting functionality.

Key features of Business Texting to Landline are listed below:
• MMS support
• Long message support
• Bulk texting
• Group texting
• Mass messaging
• Schedule messaging
• Recurring schedule message
• Auto reply
• Interactive Text Response (ITR)
• Contact Management
• Off hour automated text response
• Chat
• Multi chat
• Group chat
• Threaded messages
• Reports
• And many more

The text to landline companies also offer APIs which can be integrated within existing software, so your staff can use business texting within the system they use day in, day out. The business texting is also available with the white label solution, so you can use it the way you want to. Some text to landline companies that offer a multitenant text to landline solution with white label. This allows a business to create sub users. This kind of business texting setup can be used to create a new revenue channel as a landline texting service provider.

The business texting has many benefits for its users at very competitive rates. From small business to a multinational company can get benefited with the business texting to landline solution. You can also opt for a free trial to experience the difference for free.

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Tedd is working in a text to landline company that offers business texting services to its global customers. The company also offers a risk free trial to prospects.