The Internet has completely transformed business relationships. Whether it is B2B relation or some B2C dealing and interaction online, businesses have progressed rapidly. Talking about ten years back, life was so different. Businesses practiced traditional marketing methods and it was difficult to reach millions of customers at one single time. Feedback and regular stats check was difficult to gather. Ask some business in 2012; they will definitely answer you that they are quite satisfied with their own performance and progress. The reasons are pretty simple:
• Internet has connected the globe
• Social media has taken the world by storm
• E-commerce is helping you make unprecedented profits
• The competition makes you stay updated all the time
• You get a clear statistical analysis of your visitors and customers
• E-marketing helps save time and cost
• The business world is just a matter of click away.
The transformation began with the dot-com boom, which spawned new types of companies whose business model was predicated on Web acceptance and usage. Companies like Google, Yahoo and e-bay took advantage of the web in all aspects of their business. Soon, "brick-and-mortar" enterprises also realized that they need to survive too, so to satisfy customer expectations they started providing their goods & services over the internet. This helped them grow phenomenally and increase their sales by saving extra marketing costs. Businesses of all sizes in all sectors are using the Internet in many different ways - to work with partners and suppliers, for procurement, for internal activities such as knowledge sharing and new product development, and much more.
Due to the ever growing competition in the market entrepreneurs need to stay cautious of the following factors:
• The threat posed by the competitors
• Controlling costs
• Finding new opportunities in the existing business
• Improving responsiveness via social media
• Better customer focus and service.
E-business can do favorable wonders:
• Improved speed of response
• Cost savings
• Improved communications, information and knowledge sharing
• Reductions in inventory
• Improved efficiency and productivity
• Acquisition of new customers and increased sales
• Improved customer service.
So, overall the transformation of business from simple business models to e-business models has brought about a revolution in the world. Ranging from giant businesses to small scale ones, every business has created its identity online in order to gain supernormal profits and to make its worth! Taking your business on the web will surely help you do wonders; attract the target market and make millions of potential customers.

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This article is written by Leticia Wren. Leticia Wren is working for ZAN Solutions since 2012.ZAN Solutions is IT Company providing Complete Online Solutions for customers all around the Globe. Azra Imports is a project ZAN Solutions is currently working on.