Well, in case you have a startup idea, what is the first thing you do? Perhaps you plan the budget to start the business or look for the resources, to begin with. That is the biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make. Don't be too hurry to start a business. It is better to start it after taking a proper decision rather than jumping to conclusion and end up in a loss. All of us assume our idea is the best but what we don’t understand is that there are many people with better successful ideas. It is always necessary to make a business validation before taking a step. It is a must to avoid the risks related to entering the market.

Business validation is as simple as building a minimum viable product (MVP) and collecting genuine feedback from the users, friends. If you come up with a brilliant idea it is advisable to discuss it with trustworthy peers or colleagues and take required inputs before you start investing in the product. In many situations, you may get negative feedback but you need to be determined to make your dream a reality and make proper modifications in the plan of the product with the feedback you get from others. Others opinions and suggestions matters as they are the ultimate end users of your product.

A market-research might not help you as much as reaching out to the existing entrepreneurs within the same industry. Relevant information about your business may not be available on the internet so it would be beneficial to discuss your ideas with someone who has experience in that particular field of you are interested in. You need to make sure of various factors before entering the business, for example, you need to check if your product is scalable.
To check scalability you need to be aware of the market size which is available through secondary sources. However, this information may not be true in all cases. It is required to gather correct information of the available marketplace.

Here are some steps to follow for business validation:

1. Brainstorm internally
2. Inputs for experts
3. Informal interview
4. Review
5. Decide

Market validation is useful for finding whether the market has a place for your idea. If your idea is providing solutions for any real-time web or mobility solution and if it is launched at the time then it is worth the time and effort. Like other successful companies, Krify a leading mobile app and website development company also has a high-level Business validation strategy.

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