With the media’s projections of today’s economy, it will be easy to view the current financial situation in a state of scarcity. The good news is, you can make a choice to believe in the scarcity or the abundance in any situation, and whatever you think, you’re right!

Try repeating these sentences until you believe them.

1. Making money in a business is easy
2. I am a money magnet
3. I always have more money then I need
4. I can afford to buy everything I want
5. The universe is abundant and prosperous

Start using this in your business realm. The mind is the most precious resource that you have. It is your business and your life's best tool in any market or economy. As long as you carefully choose your thoughts and visions, you can be, do, or have pretty much anything you want. But if your thinking is unfocused, you are probably missing out on potential opportunities.

Come up with your own personalized affirmations, affirm what you want specifically. You are already thinking every day, so become aware of what you are thinking about and you will become the best version yourself.

Remember that we attract whatever we give our attention, energy and focus to-whether negative or positive. Think about how much this affects your business!
There are infinite possibilities in each moment. Your hours and days are precious, and once they are lost you can never get them back so appreciate each one that comes by.

Make up your mind. Train yourself to become aware and in control of what you are focusing on daily. Work on controlling your thinking and becoming focused on what you want, instead of your fears or what you don't want. Ask yourself, "What kind of thoughts have I dwelled upon the most in my business?" You need to focus on the positive in order to attract the things that you want.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will start using these tools to improve your business and life. You deserve it.

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