With the help of a degausser, you can erase magnetic media such as hard disks securely. There is one major benefit of using a hard drive degausser to erase data as it makes the data irretrievable. Magnetic storage media like hard disks are all susceptible to data recovery. 

A degausser uses electromagnetic waves to destroy this data by magnetizing the disk so that the data becomes scrambled and unreadable. It also erodes the magnetic domains in a disk so it cannot be read back.

It is important to erase sensitive, personal data on a hard drive before recycling it or selling it. Hard drives can store a lot of sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords. So it is important to erase this data because if the wrong person gets their hands on it, they have access to company information including private data, industrial secrets and more.

It’s not enough to just delete your files; they can be recovered with special software. That's why you need an eraser that will overwrite your hard disk so the information can't be recovered again.

As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind." With so many companies producing data nowadays it is important to safeguard crucial records and avoid them being recovered down the line.

The data that companies need to erase may be different depending on their business. Customer data, financial information, research and development data are just some of the examples. They are often very specific in a company's industry and it is important that these pieces of data do not fall into the wrong hands.

Companies should therefore be taking the necessary steps in order to make sure that their sensitive information doesn't get leaked. By degaussing and erasing all of their content before disposing the hard drive or magnetic media - companies can ensure 100% data destruction.

In conclusion, all companies need to take into account security measures when it comes to their data as cyber threats grow. It is important for them to know how they can erase their data with hard drive degaussers in order to keep their information safe.

Is your business erasing data securely?

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