Choosing to shift into BEing in the business of service rather than selling someone will make all the difference in supporting your ideal clients in EASILY being able to step forward into working with you… to the point where they are thanking you as they give you their credit card number! (Seriously, I see it happen ALL the time. It’s 110% possible.)

To create that shift – from SELLING to SERVING you begin by:

A) becoming aware of your current Money Mindset

B) deciding to use that awareness to transform to a new upleveled Money Mindset for purpose-filled success

EnergyRICH® Money Mindset Principle: Activate Alignment

Before you can BE in alignment you need to check in... are you in or out of alignment?

How do you know when you’re OUT of alignment?

Just check in and see if any of these resonate for you...

At some point you’ve copied someone else’s sales script (you don’t even feel connected to it, there are just words on a page).
You might find yourself hopping from program to program, not fully taking in any lessons and really not implementing any of it.
You might find yourself hardly ever – if ever, let’s be honest – setting up sales conversations.
You spend a lot of time engaged in questioning and doubt.
You spend a lot of time looking for perfection and end up with paralysis.
You’re marketing without feeling connected.
And maybe you tell yourself that you don’t need to sell.
Your materials look a lot like everybody else’s and it feels like a torture chamber in your head.
You might find yourself afraid to be different from your parents or your friends or your community.
Or you find yourself engaged in a lot of hard work for very little return and you have difficulty hanging on to money, always looking for the next quick fix. And you might feel like you don’t deserve it.
So just check in... without judgment, simply check in.

What is it for you?

Now, most importantly - What can you do about this so you can move into alignment?

When you move into alignment with money energy you can be in alignment with your selling conversations.

Shift Into Alignment in Three Simple Steps!

Step 1: The first thing you can do is connect in with your uniqueness – your strengths – and the value in these strengths.

EnergyRICH® Hint: When you connect in with what excites you, you connect in with what you’re passionate about. That kicks into motivation,that kicks into action, which equals aligned action and activating alignment!

Step 2: Connect with people who can reflect and hold your value, worth and uniqueness for you.

There is no need to go it alone - we are meant to learn from one another and support one another.

Step 3: BE willing to share your strengths and be compensated in return.

And how does this impact your sales? Again, I’m sure you can feel it already. Being out of alignment is not a very strong place to have a selling conversation from. You start closing off the ability to receive wealth in the form of inspired ideas which then limits opportunities and limits your ability to generate. It has you operating from fear, and when you’re operating from fear, you’re using only 4 percent of your creative brain.

BEing IN alignment allows for a full exchange of energy, money and service.

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action:
1. Connect to your Uniqueness

a. What excites you?
b. Where is your passion?

2. BE willing to share your strengths & be compensated

a. Set up a prospect meeting as soon as possible (even if you have to start with your pet... get started!)

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick is the creator of the EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System and, a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs how to partner Universal Energetic Principles with practical step-by-step "How-To's" to make more money in your business so you can better serve the world. Get started right away with your free EnergyRICH® Success CD: