Did you know that according to American researchers 95% of dieting efforts fail after one year?

I suggest that you ask yourself the following questions, and please do answer them honestly: have you succeeded in losing weight by following these diets? Have you reached the weight goal you set out for yourself?

I was suffering from an overweight problem since the age of 13, and spent the next 20 years of my life fighting my weight in a weariless battle; I went on many different diets and did manage to lose weight! But after each diet I regained the weight I had lost, and even exceeded my original weight.

And so for 20 years my weight zigzagged up and down, while every step of the way was accompanied by a ceaseless and obsessive involvement with food, physical appearance, my body and my weight.

All the diets started out with high hopes and ended in anguish and disappointment.

If you have struggled with these issues over the years, you will agree that my objectives were not trivial. Perhaps, after years of struggling with your weight and dieting, you can identify with my belief that only after achieving this goal can one live a full and enjoyable life—the one you deserve!

In my innocence, I also thought that only diets, weight-loss programs, intensive sport or abstention programs, and the like would bring me to this “place” in life.

But I realized that Diets don't deal with the source of the problem.

Dieting is like being imprisoned. To enjoy freedom from dieting and ward off any rebellion, what should be guiding you is not a litany of prohibitions and impossible limitations.

In fact, just the opposite; the goal is to learn how to eat from choice and to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Embrace a new way of thinking! It’s not the calories or the foods you are eating that are causing you to be overweight; it's your way of thinking about calories and food.

In order to stabilize your weight and free yourself from nonstop attention to dieting and eating, it is essential that you adopt the thought processes and habits of thin people.

Instead of waiting three days to eat that chocolate, eat it now!
To lose weight, most people end up eating foods they don't necessarily like, and not necessarily when they are hungry.
In order to be set free from the prison of dieting, eat only those foods that you love. I know you think this is just too good to be true.
Why? Because if we want to eat chocolate cake, and we say to ourselves, "I can't because I am on a diet," we will end up eating an apple, usually a few apples.
Therefore, instead of waiting three days for the chocolate, eat it now! Do not feel guilty for eating when you are hungry.

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