Butte Country ROP School in Chico in the state of California in United States is well known for its education in vocational trades in grades 11th and 12th.

What it Offers?

The school offers vocational training for 11th and 12th grades in the High School standards. ROP or the Butte County Regional Occupational Program is one of the technical education programs implemented by Butte County Office of education.


Western Association of Schools and Colleges have accredited ROP since 1988.

Campus Features and Surroundings

Located in a small city with a small area surrounded by an urbanized area the school serves a population of less than 100,000. Some of the features of the surrounding area are –
Total population is 32,831 that include 29,385 urban and 3,446 rural people.
There are in all 12,575 households with 2.52 persons per house.
Median household income of the area is $30,536.
There are in all 6,669 families with 3.09 people per family.

Ethnic Diversities

Ethnic diversity of the population served by the school is evident from the following facts.
803 African American.
1,723 Asian.
132 Pacific Islander.
1,046 American Indian and Alaskan Native.
27,903 white and Hispanic.
2,670 others.

AGFR or Average Freshmen Graduation Rates

Average freshmen graduation rate in the area is around 71% for all students and the Butte County ROP School conforms to the average. Students completing the studies in the vocational school receive either a high school certificate or a diploma.

Enrollment Features

7% of the students enrolled in the school are black and non-Hispanic while around 50% or more are Hispanic. 11% of the students are either Asian or Pacific Islanders while white non Hispanic class account for 29% of the students.

Faculty and Staff Features and Percentage with Reference to State Figures

Faculty and staff features of the Butte County ROP School are as follows.
Instructional Aides account for 23% of the staff.
Coordinators and supervisors account for 2%, Library and media supports for 1%, Guidance staff @1% for elementary and 2% for secondary, district administrators 1%, support staff for district administration 8%, School administration 5% and support staff 12%, and
Others account for 35%.

Nearest city with 2000,000 + population to Butte County is Sacramento which is about 84.2 miles away from the school location.

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