What are aquarium filters?

Your aquarium needs timely and routine cleaning; the water in the tank needs to be cleaned continuously for the survival and wellbeing of the marine life in it. An aquarium filter does this job. It is an electrical device that runs continuously to keep the water clean of fish waste, food debris, etc. Some filters are designed for chemical filtration. In a chemical filtration process, the activated carbon removes unwanted matter. This process keeps the water clean for a longer time and makes changing of water even less frequent. There are either internal or external aquarium filters. There are available in varieties of shapes and sizes.
We have a whole range of external and internal water filters varying in sizes designed for individual needs. We also have water pumps and other accessories.

Fluval Canister Filters: We have created this range of external filters with personalized needs in mind. Different sizes for different uses like the amount of water filtered depending upon the size of your aquarium. The powerful motor works continuously and keeps up the efficiency. It is very easy to set up. You don’t need to be a geek for its routing maintenance. It is an external filter, and you can store outside the tank. Since it is an external filter, you can place it out of visibility. Due to the powerful motor, you do not compromise the filter’s power even when you position it at a much lower level than the tank.

There is a patented Aqua-Stop valve, and there are different filtration chambers to let the cleaned and dirty waters not mix. There is a multi-stage filtration process divided into physical and mechanical processes. The Fluval Canister 206, 306 and 406 series are square and are easier to stack in corners or adjacent to walls. These filters differ in sizes and powers in ascending order. They filter the water of up to 200 liters (45 US gal), 300 liters (70 US Gal), and 400 liters (100 US Gal), respectively.

The Fluval canister FX 4 and FX 6 series are round in shape and are more potent than the -06 series. Each of the FX series models has an integrated Smart Pump and advances microchip technology that continuously monitors and optimizes the pump’s performance. It also has an auto-start feature. So you don’t need to switch the pump on or off, keep it plugged in and power it on, and connect it to a water supply. It releases the trapped air in every 12 hours. The Fluval Canister FX 4 has a capacity of 1000 liters (250 US Gal). The Fluval Canister FX 6 has a capacity of 1500 liters (400 US Gal).

Oase Bio Master Thermo Filters: These mechanical filters are available in two variants Oase Bio Master Thermo 350 and Oase Bio Master Thermo 600. They remove the dirt from the water from your fish tank. They are easy to set up and clean and required low maintenance. They optionally come with a heater to regulate the water temperature. During the first time set up and after cleaning, all you need to do is turn a switch on to filter and fill the water automatically.

Aqua Clear Filters: This is a series of power cleaner designed to fit on top of the fish tank. It has a design of a waterfall that is optimum in oxygenating of the water and also in reducing surface tension. It helps in the proliferation of useful bacteria for a healthy environment in the tank. It has a multi-stage cleaning process with mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. It has flow control so that you can control or adjust the flow of the water. The installation and maintenance are user-friendly. It comes with AquaClear Foam that helps in the removal of ammonia. There are five variants viz. Power Filter 20, 30, 50, 70, and 110; you have to choose one as per the size of your aquarium.

Sicce Submersible Filters: This is a unique series of aquarium filters. It is fully submersible. There are three options viz. Sicce Filtration - Shark ADV 400, Sicce Filtration - Shark ADV 600 and Sicce Filtration - Shark ADV 800 for 60 to 200 liters aquarium. The cartridges are of magnetic connections. They have suction cups for wall-mounting — adjustable water flow.

To conclude
Pick one from a variety of water filters, suiting your specific need. Purchase an aquarium filter online from a trustworthy supplier and enhance the performance of your aquarium.

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