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There are many important decisions when it comes to choosing a vape kit. Mods, liquids, tanks, vape coils - getting these right is critical to a great experience. But the experience is meaningless if the unit does not perform its most important duty. The supply of nicotine is the basic purpose of e-cigarettes, which allows many smokers to wean themselves off analogs.
Unfortunately, this is an area where many papers make a mistake.

Underestimating the necessary nicotine means that the urge is not stopped properly. Therefore, you might find yourself back on cigarettes; however, this is not a problem with the device, but rather human error. Even better, it is easily solved by increasing nicotine content or choosing a different type of e-juice.

Choosing the right amount of nicotine is not difficult. All it takes is some research and possibly trial and error.

Some of us are honest with ourselves regarding our smoking habits, while others may underestimate the degree. What some might consider "heavy smoking" could be interpreted by others as "light" or "moderate". But these are just words, and the problem with words is that they cannot be quantified. The first step in determining the right nicotine percentage is to determine your daily cigarette intake accurately. For the sake of argument, we share these smoking levels accordingly but attach a number for clarification.

An important consideration is that cigarette labels vary in nicotine content. Some are extremely concentrated or laced with large amounts of highly addictive "freebase" nicotine (Marlboro tops the cards at 10%). So even if you only smoke a handful of cigarettes per day. Nowadays, the amount of nicotine you take can take you to a whole new level. Remember this if your e-liquid does not.

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