Jewelry is not just a simple accessory, it is always an expression of personality. At Hollywood Sensation Jewelry you will find a large selection of real jewelry and high-quality costume jewelry. High-quality women's jewelry - which one suits your type?

Since 2012, Hollywood Sensation Jewelry has been making the rounds on TV, social media, and more - and for good reason. We do more than “just sell jewelry.” We empower women just like you, from the workplace to the red carpet, all while giving back to charity. Hollywood Sensation Jewelry is for every woman - delivering sophisticated quality and timeless designs.

Our no-questions-asked return policy means you can invest in affordable luxury with confidence! Top-rated service and delivery to your doorstep seal the deal. Our runway-inspired collections and state-of-the-art packaging make women feel confident, inspired, and beautiful - with pieces that never go out of style.

Our jewelry serves more than one purpose, with a portion of all proceeds assigned to the Elton John Aids Foundation. Join the Hollywood Sensation Jewelry family and invest in sensational red carpet jewelry without red carpet prices!

If you are looking for a classic basic, we recommend taking a look at our women's bracelets department. Otherwise, the basic rule is that jewelry should always underline the type of its wearer.

If you are a warm spring type with tender, rosy skin and a golden undertone in your hair color, then yellow gold jewelry looks particularly good because it makes you shine. But make sure that the jewelry isn't too yellow because that can look cheap quickly. You should avoid jewelry made of silver and platinum entirely because these cool materials make the complexion look pale and sallow.

As a summer type with a cool complexion, ashy undertone in the hair color, and green or blue eyes, jewelry made of stainless steel, platinum, or cool white gold suits you. The silvery note underlines your type optimally and is particularly effective in combination with diamonds. However, you should avoid yellow gold.

Are you a so-called autumn type? Then you have a sun-sensitive complexion with or without freckles, brown or green eyes, and reddish, brown, or honey blonde hair. Like the spring type, you can wear yellow gold jewelry well. But red gold or rose gold also look great on you. Silver and platinum, on the other hand, don't suit you.

As a winter type, with cool, dark hair color and light skin, also known as the “she-white type”, you, like the summer type, are a candidate for jewelry made of stainless steel, platinum, or white gold and should avoid yellow gold or rose gold. TIP: To buy the jewelry that suits you, simply set the appropriate filter in the "Material" category in our online shop.

A simple or sporty bracelet is a stylish addition and an eye-catcher to almost every outfit. Always wear bracelets on the same wrist as the watch and make sure that the materials match. So a gold bracelet for a gold watch, a silver bracelet for a silver watch. Leather in a similar color also goes best with the watch with a leather strap.

Are you more of the unconventional type or do you love style breaks? Then you will also find the right thing with Hollywood Sensation Jewelry. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, charms & Co.

You are guaranteed to find the right piece of jewelry for children at Hollywood Sensation Jewelry. We offer an extensive selection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with cute children's motifs or in simple designs, just like the grown-ups. These pieces of jewelry are particularly suitable for special occasions such as birthdays or baptisms.

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Hollywood Sensation® offers the highest quality fashion jewelry. We have everything from layered necklaces to fine crystal pendant necklaces, bangle bracelet etc.