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The oranda goldfish has a big, round form when it stops swimming, shimmering scales, and a long, flowing split tail fin that is magnificent to see. In China, it's known as the "Water Flower." In Asia, the oranda goldfish is recognised by its popular name; the fleshy growth that covers the entire head is also called Tiger head or Tiger Goldfish. 


Ranchu Goldfish - The most popular Goldfish globally is the beautiful Ranchu Goldfish. China, which was created in Japan in the late 1800s, is the primary source of inspiration. This Ranchu goldfish, commonly known as the buffalo-head goldfish, has a big, broad body and a large bulbous head.


Ranchu goldfish are sold at a higher price; Ranchu Goldfish is also popular in highly competitive shows. It is judged from the side in China, while it's considered from the top in Japan. However, the Ranchu is impressive, viewed from every direction and visible the broad back from above. 

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