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There are two main pieces to the hanbok. At the top, both boys and girls wear a top known as jeogori. At the bottom, the girls wear a long skirt called a chima. The skirt is quite large, with undulating pleats of fabric and reaches to the floor. Boys wear pants called baji. They are large and spacious and both boys and girls’ hanboks are very comfortable.

Today’s Modernized Hanbok

These days, most people wear a hanbok only for formal occasions or special events. This includes weddings and New Years Day. However, perhaps due to the importance of hanbok in Korean culture, this historical garment is making a comeback.

Traditional Hanbok is very beautiful, but it is quite difficult to use daily. That is why we retain the essential elements of Hanbok design and incorporate them into modern styles that can be worn daily. Modern Hanbok can also be easily washed, which is a great advantage. With modernized hanbok, kids can easily wear hanbok and parents don’t have to be worried about the kids feeling uncomfortable in expensive clothing that will be ruined quickly.

There are hanbok shops on the Internet, but the options can be overwhelming. Visit the popular Hanbok store The Korean in Me for kids. There are premade hanboks available for sale, or you can choose to order a custom hanbok for your kids’ next big birthday bash!

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Our ready-made children's hanbok collection is for every birthday party, special family occasion, or a photoshoot to capture precious moments.

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Whether you're looking for a premium Korean Hanbok for your boy or girl, we've got you covered. Our ready-made children's hanbok collection is for every birthday party, special occasion, or a photoshoot