Murphy cabinet beds, also known as chest beds, are ideal for any room that serves as a guest bedroom and as a den, living room, TV room, or other multi-purpose space. This innovative foldaway bed in the wardrobe can be folded into a stylish chest, keeping your room bright and attractive.

The top of the CABINET MURPHY BED is always stationary, so it can be a great place for a TV or whatever you want to display. All models have a large drawer that is accessible both when the bed is open and when it is closed.

The drawer is a great place to store pillows and bedding when the bed is not in use and a great place for your guests to store their clothes or other personal items while the bed is in use. What makes this bed so unique is that it is freestanding.

This means it doesn't have to be attached to your wall or floor in any way. The Murphy cabinet bed can sit in front of a window, move easily, and is perfect for rental situations when drilling in the wall or floor is prohibited. This bed is also a great solution for a room with low ceilings.

The specific gel-infused memory foam mattress design is both comfortable and durable, with a pleasantly firm feel. The bed itself has been tested up to 600 lbs, which means that two adults can sleep comfortably and safely without any problems.

The flip-up bedside tables provide your guests with a convenient place to have a cell phone, a glass of water, glasses, books, tablets, or anything else they want nearby while lying in bed. The built-in power outlet plugs into any wall plug and gives your guest access to two 110v power outlets and two USB power outlets for charging.

The Murphy Cabinet Bed is not specifically built by Futons4Less but is manufactured in the USA. has gone to great lengths to find a Murphy Cabinet Bed product that offers the same attention to all timber structures, attention to detail, and focus on value and durability that you have come to expect from Futons4Less.

When it comes to quality in a Cabinet Murphy Bed, look no further. Futons4Less prides itself on leading quality and durability. Although Futons4Less does manufacture this item, we have searched the industry for the best price available in a Murphy Cabinet Bed.

In investigating CABINET MURPHY BED, Futons4less find that all Murphy Cabinet beds are produced outside of the United States. Like all Futons4Less products, the powerful value in our Murphy closet beds starts with the wood construction. Our models are made of solid wood and furniture-grade plywood.

These characteristics alone distinguish us from the vast majority of products and competitors. So much of what you find on the market now are chipboard products. Our focus is to offer you a product that will stand the test of time.

We know that in most cases a Murphy Chest bed is used as a guest bed, you can rest assured that our Murphy cabinet beds are durable enough to use every day. Also, you will notice that the finishes are not only beautiful but also durable.

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Innovative Space Saving Solutions. Murphy beds, also known as cabinet beds, fold-down beds, or pull-down beds, are beds that can be folded into a cabinet!