First things first: what are oil paintings? Oil paintings are the results of using pigments or colors bounded with a medium of drying oil. Artists mix these pigments and make use of them to create the wondrous works of art and beauty known as oil paintings, many of which have been displayed in great halls. A classic example of oil paintings is the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Other artists who have been known to work on them include the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, and Raphael, among others.

Many collections by art collectors have gotten their start in the same way, and it is a tip they would most likely give you when you ask them for it: buy oil paintings. You would probably want to own an oil painting which was made by the likes of the artists named earlier. However, unless you are one of the world's wealthiest people, the only way you can have a Monet or Renoir oil painting is to have a reproduction of them. Reproductions are available and an option for you, but they would still be quite expensive.

Do not let that stop you, however. There are a lot of noteworthy oil paintings out there that you can buy. If you go to some art galleries or art dealers, especially the smaller ones, you might be able to buy oil paintings made by local talent. Who knows, the oil painting by a relatively unknown artist ten years ago could increase in value today when that artist has made a big name for himself.

Artworks are also sold in some auctions so you can go there if want to buy oil paintings. You can see a lot of talent in art competitions so they are also a good place to start looking at oil paintings that might catch your eye.

Many unknown artists get the chance to have their works displayed in many websites that post photos of their oil paintings and use them to convince buyers to purchase them. The number of online art galleries that make it their mission to expose the world to various types of oil paintings from all over the world is increasing. The oil painting of a relatively unknown artist from a country in Asia can now be owned by an avid art collector from the West.

However, when buying online, you should be careful that you are not buying fake paintings or that the paintings will get to you in poor condition. Aside from reading up on the background of the online art gallery concerned, you can also check out what other customers have to say about the site so you can be sure you can put your trust in it.

Do not buy oil paintings simply because they are the cheapest, or they look the best when the photos are posted online. You should like the painting in its entirety, from its theme or message to its craftsmanship and the colors that were used. Given time, you will also be able to learn to assess whether an oil painting is of good quality and that you will be buying a noteworthy addition to your collection.

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