When it comes to buying a new villa Dubai palm jumeirah for the family or a villa in Palm Jumeirah for investment, there is always a question: Is it worth paying more for a brand new good or buying a villa cheaper and investing in a villa renovation?

Before you make that decision you have to weigh a number of factors - and that is exactly what we will do now. Find out if it's better to buy or remodel a villa Dubai palm jumeirah!

When is it worth buying?
The advantages of buying a new villa in Palm Jumeirah Dubai are almost evident: a new structure, the most suitable building materials for our time, a modern look, low maintenance and luxury villa. However, all this convenience has its price and we are not talking about values alone.

Yes, you need to make a good investment to acquire a new villa. However, there are some facilities in this regard. It is possible to do a cash payment or a financing through bank, for example. Although the first gives you immediate access to the property and through second method, you only need to pay some interest and schedule installments with some bureaucracy.

Another advantage of the financing is that it is a programmed financing method for a specific purpose, allowing long-term financial planning and low and well controllable rates. All this in an easy way, being possible to count on this type of service up to 100% online! Thus, you can choose the property of your dreams, in the neighborhood you want and yet not risk losing control and entering the red.

When is it worth reforming?
Any remodeling a villa Dubai palm jumeirah is a job: you must hire an interior remolding experts at 22Carat, count on an architect's plan, research building materials and follow the work. Even so, it can be a smart exit as long as the costs are not so high. After all, a renovated property is synonymous with appreciation and is a way to do it the way your family wants. And for those who think about investments, it is a way to buy cheap, invest a little and resell or rent with real earnings.

But all this is only worth it if the accounts close. The ideal is that the value of the purchase of the property added to his retirement does not exceed 80% of the estimated resale value. That is why it is so important to make good planning and a detailed pre-budget to put on the balance if it is worth buying or remodeling.

It is also worth remembering that it is possible to renovate the house with the help of institutional financing! This solution is relatively recent, having been authorized by the legislation, but it is very advantageous, since it opens the possibility of planning in the long term, diluting the costs of the works in small plots. It is worth mentioning that the institutional financing can only be used for the payment of labor and material, which is already a large part of the costs of the reform, right?

You like your present home, but you also want more space. You like to buy a new villa Dubai palm jumeirah, but you also like your present neighbor. Your home has attraction, but you also want renovation. You think about moving but not want to miss your present yard. Considering these tight spots, you have to make an important choice.

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When it comes to buying a new villa Dubai palm jumeirah for the family or a villa in Palm Jumeirah for investment, there is always a question: