There’s nothing quite like enjoying the comfort and absorption of a fresh, high-quality towel.
For a towel to support its purpose, it should be efficient at drying and easy on the skin.
Though many neglect the importance of having a good towel, there are numerous benefits of
using a superior one, including a reduction in the spread of bacteria and a better overall
effect on your skin.
With these considerations in mind, the PomaTowel presented itself as a good option so I
decided to test it out and review the product to give you an insight into whether it’s worth
buying. The PomaTowel website speaks highly of the product, but after using the towel over
a three month period, did it live up to these high expectations?
I’ve divided my review into multiple sections so you can understand how it ranks across
different metrics

Comfort - 5/5

This towel has an ultra-soft feel, with a feeling of luxury about it and a velvety texture that’s
unlike regular towels. If anything, this towel is almost so soft that it defies normal
expectations, having grown accustomed to using towels that are somewhat firmer.
Nevertheless, this towel is comfy and soothing on the skin.

Odor Prevention - 5/5

One thing I noticed about the towel is that it doesn’t give off the same kind of damp odors
I’ve come to expect with conventional towels. This could be attributed to the silver-ion
technology within the towel, which has an anti-bacterial, odor-free effect. With this being
said, it’s still important to wash the towel at least once a month to maintain freshness.

Washing - 5/5

What’s great about the PomaTowel is you don’t have to wash it anywhere near as much as
you do a regular towel. This feature is great for time-saving, is highly convenient and one of
the biggest, most impactful qualities.

Price - 4/5

PomaTowel is reasonably priced, however you can definitely find cheaper options if you are
looking for a standard towel.

Absorption - 5/5

The PomaTowel is super absorbent, encompassing incredible drying power which is unlike
conventional towels. That doesn’t mean you can put the towel to your skin and it will
magically soak everything up, however, it is noticeably more efficient.

Production Quality - 5/5

The PomaTowel is incredibly well-engineered. During the three months I used the towel, it
showed no signs of wear, differing from normal towels which tend to fray after a few washes.
The fabric has maintained its structure well, which is a good indication that the towel is high-

Overall Ranking – 4.8/5

An exceptional towel with a healthy price point. You’ll certainly notice a difference when
using this towel, particularly in terms of quality and overall functionality. The ultimate
decision is whether you can justify paying the price. That being said, this towel lives up to the
expectations promoted on the website.

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