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The choice of a recliner chair must be done carefully. In addition to choosing a model that matches the decoration of your living room, bedroom, office or any other environment, you should take into account the following product characteristics:

1. Dimensions
2. Density
3. Design
4. Covering
5. Differentials

Let us detail item by item so you have no doubts about what characteristics define a quality recliner.


Before buying a recliner, you should be aware that this piece of furniture is larger than conventional armchairs and you should have enough space in the living room, bedroom or office to recline the chair.

In general, a reclining chair has the following dimensions: 110 cm high, 95 cm wide and 90 cm deep. But you find smaller and smaller models.

You must purchase a recliner that is compatible with the size of the room in which you will place it.

To ensure that the chair has the dimensions compatible with the environment in which it will be placed, check the measurements of the closed and open furniture. The chair must be at least 20 cm from other furniture.

It is also important that there is a distance of 1 m to 1.5 m between the chair and the space that people use to circulate. Leave a distance of 70 cm between the chair and the coffee table.


Another important feature is the density of the foam that constitutes the interior lining of the furniture. The ideal density for this type of furniture is 23 to 28 g / cm³.

Also, make sure of the maximum weight that the seat supports. Most models have a resistance of up to 100 or a maximum of 160 kg. If the chair is low in density, a "hole" will eventually form in the center of the chair, the shape of your body.


The design of the recliner varies less than other types of armchairs, but that does not mean that you can not choose a model that matches the decoration of your home.

The recliner has a style that ranges from classic to contemporary, but it also combines with rustic and vintage settings, after all, the leather pieces are timeless.

If you choose a model with a black or brown leather lining, the armchair will become a very modern and refined item and you can place it in a more formal setting such as the office.


You can find armchairs in a variety of styles, most of the time these materials are soft to the touch, soft and sticky, but you can choose a higher or lower quality option.

Genuine Leather - This durable, high-quality material quickly adjusts to body temperature, making the seat comfortable and cozy. Armchairs made of this material are considered luxury items.

Leather Synthetic: leather Synthetic is a cheaper but equally beautiful material. This type of fabric requires low maintenance needs.

Chenille: This material is velvety, flexible and the furry surface absorbs and reflects light at different levels.

Corino: Corino is an ecological leather made of 100% cotton and PVC (70%), polyester (25%) and polyurethane (5%).

Teflon Thickness: This fabric is waterproof for a brief moment, but gives you time to run over a cloth or paper towel to remove the falling beverage. This model is also ideal for those who have animals at home because the animal's feet will not scratch or wear the fabric.
Other options are suede, suede, and linen.


Some reclining models have some very nice features:
1. Massager
2, Side bags for storing magazines and books;
3. Coasters on the arms (just like the armchairs from movies);
4. Rotating feet;
5. Automatic reclining mechanism.

Just make sure they are really essential to you, otherwise, you will pay more for something you won't even use.

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