Today because of the availability of thousands of security products, it is very difficult to choose a security product for your home or premises. But, if you have knowledge about multiple types of home security equipments and accessories then choosing a security product will become much easier and fast for you.
Because of increasing crime rate the demand and need of home and commercial security equipments is increasing day by day. The need for increasing your home security efforts is increasing. The rate of property crimes is increasing, and it's no longer safe to leave your home, family, and property unprotected from potential criminals. We now have to take a more proactive stance toward deterring thieves.

From security cameras, motion detectors, alarm monitoring systems and many more products and services which concerns about our own security – they are all out there in the market to cater the need towards a much safer and more protected environment. It is therefore necessary to have the right choice of security products to install in your house. Having the right choice of security product can help you ward off home break- in, theft and injury. These security products can be linked to the nearest police department so that they can be notified in the event of a break-in.

Today, mostly security products are available in electronic form or powered by batteries. Some of them is normally connected via wires and through a computer system while others may be wire free or direct connected through satellite. Let’s have a look on types of security products available in the market:

IP video surveillance

These days, IP video surveillance camera systems are in a great demand. These security systems are used to inform users whether there are criminal activities are present or not. This will be an alert system for a crime that will eventually happen or about to happen. Normally IP video surveillance systems are utilized remotely and cost effective areas to monitor places like high security areas, factory surveillance or any area that needs to be monitored. This surveillance system allows you to remote the movement of the camera from any place; or sends live images on Web sites for promotional material purposes.

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition device is also used as a security measure for business or organizations. This technology is used to view an image or a video and compares it to one that is in the database. It does this by comparing the structure, shape and proportions of the face; distance between the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw; upper outlines of the eye sockets; the sides of the mouth; location of the nose and eyes; and the area surrounding the check bones.

Access control solutions

Access control solutions are extremely popular due to the fact that they allow security and management staff to have absolute control over who enters their premises and accesses certain parts of and information within the business. Access control systems are also ideal for assisting administration staff with payroll functions as it is able to track an individual staff member time and attendance at work, much like a clock card would.
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