Carbon Fiber Sheets Make Music Instruments

If you have been thinking about making your musical instrument look unique, you should consider layering it on carbon fiber sheets. While you can buy carbon fiber based instruments, they are very expensive and not many people can afford the real price, but that doesn't mean you can't have an instrument that appears to be made from real fiber. You can even find it in different colors like white, black, and gray. There is no limit to what you can do with this product and the best part is that idoes not damage the instrument when it is removed.

The following are some ideas for instruments that would look great with fiber overlays:

Drums - Many heavy metal and rock drummers want to have a kit that looks tough and shows the audience that they are tough. What looks stronger than carbon fiber wrapped around drum shells? There is not much. If you don't want to wrap the entire case, adding graphic design touches made from fiber sheets can be just as impressive. The stage lights hitting the 3D pattern on the drums attract the attention of the audience and display your rig in a unique way.

Guitars: Any electric or acoustic guitar can be made to look fabulous with just a simple carbon fiber vinyl wrap. The part of the best is that this type of application does not change the tone of the guitar in any way. All you need to do is that you remove the strings and hardware from the guitar body and apply the vinyl over it. Replace the hardware and your guitar will appear to be made from real carbon fiber at a fraction of cost of a real carbon fiber guitar.

Equipment: more than instruments can be wrapped with Carbon fiber sheet. You can wrap your mic stand in sheets to make it look like it's made from the same material. Amplifiers can also be wrapped in this inexpensive material without changing the sound of the equipment. Sound panels, mixing panels, and speaker cabinets can all have the fiber look for just a few dollars each when you buy carbon fiber sheets in bulk. Even stage sets and accessories can be covered with this material to give them a heavier look and a rock and roll feel.

Any musician who wants a fiber-coated instrument, but can't afford one, can always get a carbon fiber look by using vinyl fiber sheets. These can be applied easily and do not spoil the natural finish of the instrument they are applied to. Instruments that are covered with this material look great and have a rock and roll look that might otherwise be missing. Not only can instruments be covered with carbon fiber vinyl, but all equipment that is used can also be covered.

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