TePe interdental brushes perform your oral hygiene by efficiently brushing the places between your teeth.

At Dentaldirect.co.uk, stock the full range of TePe interdental cleaning brushes. Choose the sizes (colors) recommended by your dental professional or choose a mixed package to calculate the correct sizes. TePe Interdental Brushes should fit easily and comfortably between the teeth.

The Tepe Interdental Brush Pack contains six interdental brushes (the largest gray and black sizes contain eight) and a plastic cap in an easy-to-use package. The cap can be used to protect the interdental brush if it is carried in the pocket or bag, and is also used to extend the handle.

TePe interdental brushes have a unique construction that ensures consistent quality, size, and durability. Interdental brushes are developed in collaboration with dental experts to guarantee maximum utility and quality in every little detail.

The TePe Interdental Brush is a small brush specially designed to clean between the teeth, where a normal toothbrush does not go. Using an interdental brush every day, in addition to brushing your teeth, is an easy and efficient method to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy.

These special brushes are designed with a metal wire that cleans teeth thoroughly. With daily use, these brushes can effectively reduce plaque buildup, preventing gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay. All Tepe's interdental brush sizes and models have a plastic coating on the cord for safe and smooth cleaning.

Interdental brushes can also be used to clean around implants or braces. TePe interdental brushes have an ergonomic handle for a stable grip. TePe Angle has a pre-angled neck for extra good access between the posterior teeth and from the inside.

As an easy and innovative alternative to flossing, each brush completely cleans and removes plaque between teeth. Developed in conjunction with dental professionals, TePe interdental brushes are available in up to nine color-coded sizes to fit narrow and wide spaces. Special circular bristles and unique, easy-to-use handles provide exceptional interdental cleaning.

Each TePe toothbrush is efficient, durable, and easy to use. A variety of models satisfy all individual needs. Medium to very soft bristles have rounded ends that provide effective and gentle cleaning; and ergonomically designed handles can be tilted to improve reach.

As an important complement to a daily toothbrush, TePe offers a range of special brushes for various oral hygiene needs. Each special brush is developed together with experts in each field.

Ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip and good cleaning control. Plastic coated wire to ensure the shank does not scratch tooth surfaces or implant posts. Brush and handle in one piece. Eco-friendly polypropylene plastic handle and package.

All sizes and models of TePe interdental brushes have a plastic coating on the wire for safe and smooth cleaning. Interdental brushes can also be used to clean around implants or braces.

Regular use of interdental brushes reduces plaque buildup and food debris that can lead to gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay. TePe interdental brushes are specially designed to effectively clean between teeth and in hard-to-reach areas. They come in various color-coded sizes, as most people may need more than one color/size for optimal cleaning in difficult areas.

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TePe interdental brushes come in a variety of sizes and different colors. Find the IDB thats fits your teeth.