CPAP machine is necessary for all those who want to treat sleep apnoea. It’s a sleeping sickness that happens either due to age, obesity, genetic or narrow airway. In any case, a person snores a lot and has phases of sleep at night. This leads to tiredness the whole day. This can be treated with certain changes in lifestyle and using a CPAP machine. 

CPAP machines can be obtained from any pharmacy or clinic as long as you have a proper prescription. Blooms the Chemist is a network of pharmacies with hundred stores all over Australia. They provide proper and friendly services to their clients irrespective of any age group. 

They have all sorts of CPAP products that include masks, machines, and other accessories. Their other health services include cholesterol screening, iron testing, sleep apnoea testing, diabetes monitoring, blood pressure evaluation, vaccinations, etc. 2000 professionals are working for the last 40 years to provide health services to the community.

All CPAP machines are the same, it is the pressure that has to be adjusted depending upon an individual’s requirement. However, CPAP masks differ for every individual. Not everyone is comfortable with all types of masks. Moreover, you’re using the CPAP machine to get proper sleep at night, therefore the mask should also be comfortable. Here are few tips for appropriate CPAP masks -

Different Types of Masks

There are majorly five types of masks available in the market -

  • The Standard Nasal mask is supposed to be the most comfortable and easy to use mask by patients. It just covers the nose where CPAP is sent through nostrils, but direct air isn’t delivered to nostrils but a balloon is created around the nose. 
  • A Full-Face mask is comfortable for those who breathe from nose or mouth. It covers both nose and mouth and delivers air at the same time, which makes it popular among patients. 
  • Nasal Interface mask is good for side sleepers as none of the surrounding mask covers the mouth or nose. It directly sends CPAP into the nostrils which work well even in low pressure. 
  • The Oral mask is just meant for the mouth and not for nostrils. It is best for mouth breathers who can’t keep their mouth close while sleeping. 
  • The Hybrid mask is similar to a Full-Face mask, but the CPAP in a Hybrid mask is delivered to the mouth and straight to the nostrils while in Full Face mask, CPAP is delivered to the opening of mouth and complete nose. 

As a beginner, it is always wise to buy masks with an adjustable strap so that it can adjust with multiple size. Even if you’re asleep an uncomfortable mask will pester your whole night. It can be frustrating and you may take off your mask in sleep without realizing it. Even when the air compression is high or low you may still remove the masks unknowingly. This is because you may not be getting the correct amount of air required. 

The right size of mask and proper pressure setting is all required to get an adequate amount of air and good sleep at night. Don’t try adjusting anything at the beginning on your own. Contact your pharmacist or doctor for assistance. Learn all procedures from them to avoid any confusion later. 

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