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This is a card painted with scratches on the back and which protects the PIN required to use the WAECDIRECT service. The scratch card is also suitable for the WAECDIRECT service.

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. And it’s a unique 12-digit number needed to use the service. Also, the service allows direct access to the candidate’s results through multiple channels.

Also, the PIN is located on a valid WAECDIRECT scratch card. And it is revealed when the cover patch on the back of the card is gently scraped off.

You can check WAEC results up to 5 (five) times with a WAEC scratch card. Note, however, that you will check more after you have spent five (five) allowed times. You must purchase another WAEC scratch card.

The WAEC E-pin code is commonly referred to as the WAEC scratch card. And that is the product of the West African Council of Inquiry. Also, it will be used for the May / June WASSCE and GCE Private Exam for Private Candidates exams. And it can be used five times to check the result of one candidate.

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This panel has also set up a grant fund to increase its involvement in education in West Africa. It has succeeded in doing so through conferences and even offering help to all citizens of its borders who cannot afford education but who want to learn. One of the most commonly used tools provided by the Board of Inquiry is the WAEC Scratch Card, which is used in conjunction with the WAEC Direct Online Score Checker.

The WAEC scratch card is a programmed electronic card that contains a unique PIN code and S / No. number. You need this scratch card to show your candidate the results. The scratch card gives you direct access to the WAEC network checker and can therefore check their results. So basically you have to have this Scratchcard if you want to use the exam results.

The WAEC card comes from the West African Board of Inquiry Regulation, which is used to verify the results of all and all applicants who have passed the WASSCE test and/or the GCE private test. The card is used on the WAEC website to check the results. Which candidates need a WAEC scratch card? All candidates who have never passed WAEC exams since 1980 and who want to check and/or download or even print results must purchase a WAEC scratch card before they can get the results. Candidates can get the cards easily, all you have to do is buy a WAEC scratch card online from Easygetpin.com.

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