There is one market strategy called buyer’ controlling e-business market.

The platform is organized by one or more buyers and the platform can shift market advantages and value to the buyers’ side.

Usually such marketing involves intermediaries and some large buyers may have set up their own e-business market and platform.

Some large Chinese websites with high traffic rates have opened websites to the public and provide more products or services besides their main products or services. Taking an aviation company as an example, it started to sell plastic or paper bags, or disposable cups to attract interested suppliers.

Buyers’ controlling marketing strategy includes their own platforms as well as their agent platforms or the platforms supported by the cooperation with sellers.

Free Markets Online has set up a buyers controlling e-business platform, and the company is seeking competitive components or semi-manufactured goods for manufacturers or industrial enterprises.

The company also provides offline service, which targets on each buyer’s requirement to find out the potential suppliers. Once the supplier is fixed, the company will hold a three hour online bidding for these suppliers.

Such strategy mode helps buyers to find out proper suppliers in a short time and more importantly, suppliers’ bidding could help the buyer acquire the products at a lower price about 10%-25% off.

IBUonline is a B2B platform, which is different buyers’ controlling platform.

IBUonline could also help domestic suppliers and international buyers to find business partners in a short time and IBUonline offers foreign trade entrustment service, which is a good way to develop foreign trade.

Please visit IBUonline and register as a member and know more about it.

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IBU is more than an international business platform; we not only connect global buyers and suppliers, but also participate in the whole process of international trade, provide a series of practical services (off the platform) to greatly enhance the efficiency of global trade.