Electric Scooters are a great means of commuting for individuals that have a lot to do with public transportation and going from one place frequently moving from one place to another.

Fortunately, the price of getting an Elektrische scooter is affordable by anyone. This is the easiest and cheapest private vehicle to operate, and it is popularly accepted across the world.

Features of a Quality Electric Scooter

Here are some of the features you should look out for when planning to buy your scooter.


Any electric scooter without air tires or suspension is almost unrideable on the road and will not give you the comfort needed. Every bump you hit on the road goes up through the hand bar, seat and standing platform creating an uncomfortable condition for the rider. A good and portable scooter will make you feel firm and stable even when you are at a high speed. You can also check for a scooter with minimal give in the vertical handlebar.

Battery & Range

When searching for scooter kopen, one of the difficult and confusing producer statistics is the estimate range. The real thing is, different variables influence the effect on the range. So, it could be hard to predict the total or average miles a model can reach. Note that the rider's height, weight, terrain, topography, amount of usage are the main parts of the total calculation.

Do you know that the scooter's battery capacity could mislead the buyer at times? Some manufacturers quote their battery size in Amp Hours, or Ah. Now, this detail could be meaningless except the nominal current of the battery is known.

Then you'll have to make your calculation to know the capacity watt per hour (Wh= Ah x Volts). It would be more perfect and easier to know the battery capacity if it is quoted in Watt-hours just as in the case of an electric unicycle.

Top Speed

For all expert riders, this should be a part of your knowledge already. However, beginners should note that there are two kinds of defined speeds generally classified as the comfortable cruising speed and maximum speed.

Some scooter manufacturers claim to have a 20mph top speed, but in the end, it might be unrealistic. This is because the scooter might not be well designed with large wheels or good suspension to go that far.

The Smart Scooter

Amazingly, scooters nowadays are having Bluetooth apps that can make you get access to view your trip details such as power, speed, and range, and also permit the customization of your scooter handle via the ride mode settings. You can also enable or disable the lighting, also the motor lock function can be engaged using the Bluetooth feature.

Formally, the information dashboard was small and hard to read. Now, the user dashboard has been innovated and raised to standard. This is the kind of feature to confirm in a scooter to look for if you want to enjoy it. Buy a scooter that has a beautiful presentation and well-illuminated screen so even at night when riding you can see your dashboard.


We know you need the best electric scooter that can go the distance for you. Then try as much to choose a model with good tires, preferable 8" and inflatable, good suspension, strong and quality battery, and a nice body frame that is designed to withstand rough roads for durability. To enjoy your ride on your favorite scooter, you need it to be dependable, comfortable, durable and fun for you whether on smooth or rough roads.

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