You love to change and want to curl, straighten, color and style your hair. Natural hair wigs can be heat treated and styling products can be used. The hairstyle you create will last all day! And most importantly, all these actions will not harm your own hair.

You want a wig that looks like real hair. Natural wigs are prized for their naturalness, soft strands and lack of synthetic sheen. They are virtually indistinguishable from real hair even on close inspection. 

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You have sensitive skin and need to buy a wig for medical reasons.

You love quality handcrafted items. Natural wigs are made from real human hair, which is graded, disinfected, washed and dried. Further, haircut and painting are performed. Any natural wig is a handmade product that will adorn both a young stylish girl and a mature woman.

What factors influence the price of human hair wigs:

First of all, of course, is the length of the hair. Look around. How many people do you see with long hair below the waist? Below the shoulders? Donors with long hair are also much smaller than those with short ones. Long natural hair is valued more precisely because it is exclusive.

Hair type: It is worth identifying two main types of hair (although there are much more gradations): Asian and European. Asian hair is dense and bouncy. They are more durable and stronger than European ones, relatively heavy, and you need to get used to the process of laying them. European hair is soft and manageable. Easy to fit, not puffy, comfortable to wear. They look completely natural and are often even better than real ones. That is why, upon seeing or touching a product made of natural European hair, many say: "I want this one!" And they don't look at the high enough cost, which will pay off handsomely later.

Wig design: The more manual, non-automated labor is required to attach the hair to the selected type of montage, the more expensive the final product.

Wig Monture is also an important factor when choosing a natural wig, significantly affecting both cost and usability.


Let's take a look at the main types of wig designs:

Monture Machine-Made: Tresses with strands of hair are sewn to a rather dense base of the wig. On the back of the head there are tapes that allow you to adjust the size. This design is relatively inexpensive, but it has a number of drawbacks, for example, the inability to change the place of the parting.

Imitation leather construction: Sections of a small transparent mesh are sewn into the basis of machine work - a monofilament with a shade that repeats the color of the skin. Usually this is the frontal, temporal, parietal parts or parting place. Hair in such a base is tied manually, and even of different lengths, to make it more natural.

Monoparik: The entire parietal part of the base is handmade and imitates human skin. This significantly increases the price, but ensures naturalness, makes it easy to change the place and direction of the parting. This design of the mount improves heat transfer, the monoparik "breathes".

The base is completely handmad: These are especially valuable and expensive examples of wigs, since each hair in such a product is hand-knotted according to an individual size. Natural fabrics and nets are used as a basis for such wigs, allowing the skin to breathe and feel comfortable when worn.

Mesh constructions: This is a compromise between price and quality - a wig in which each strand of hair is manually tied onto a mesh base. Gives the complete feeling that the hair grows naturally.

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