Currently, one of the travelers concerns is the airplane tickets purchase for air travel to various cities within the country. On the other hand, most people believe that the use of airlines for Inland travel has very high costs. Also it will be solved with proper planning and buying cheap airplane tickets that will include the bulk of travel costs and the lack of funding for Inland travel. Selling airplane tickets has changed a lot from the past to today. Currently, there are many websites selling airplane tickets.

Buying the airplane ticket

Currently, saving time, speeding and moving in air travel within the country (between of various cities) for passengers has caused many people to use Inland flights and make airplane tickets. On the other hand, it can take a ticket to airline agencies in person or remotely. One of the disadvantages of a face-to-face (in person method) approach is that buying an airplane ticket from a sales office is costly and time-consuming. Another problem is purchase the airplane tickets from authorized sales centers in person, a limited choice of salespersons and unconventional prices. By entering the Internet, these conditions have been created by airline agencies for applicants to purchase airplane tickets that purchase tickets at their workplace or at home. In this purchase type, there is no longer an abnormal price and not much time.

Buying online the airplane ticket

It should be noted that for buying online airplane ticket, you must first choose one of the sites or ticket sales apps. Using the above method, you can easily check the prices and facilities of airplane tickets online and without time waste. Also, purchase the online airplane tickets to the airline has created the conditions for users to access all the airlines active in this area and in accordance with the flight plan, in a few seconds to receive the ticket.

Online purchase method for airplane ticket

To purchase online an airplane ticket, follow these steps at one of the airplane ticket reservation sites:
1- Login to the site: In the first step, after entering the site's home page, select the flights ticket" tab.
2- Completion the requested site information: The second step is to complete the requested information on the site. This information includes: the origin city, the destination city, the date of return and the number of passengers.
3- Showing Inland flights list: After entering the requested information, the list of all Inland flights will be displayed from the cheapest to the most expensive, respectively.
4- Attention to Filters: In the filters section, there are items including instant rates, special rates, airports, airlines, movement hour, landing hours and prices. These filters help users search for easier Inland flights.
5- Payment by bank card. After completing the steps for buying a valid flight ticket, you must pay the selected ticket through a bank card.

Last minute tickets

During the various seasons, many airline agencies buy or charter a flight. Buying airplane ticket by chartering will cause the ticket price of this company to be determined according to the circumstances. Suppose that on a flight, the charter company has set its ticket prices according to needs, but many seats have not been bought by the passengers. The chartering company does not hesitate to make a difference, in this case it offers users a discount on their airplane ticket prices. Therefore, the chartering company will not suffer heavy losses, and along with that, the passenger has bought a cheap airplane ticket for his trip.

Factors Influencing in Last-Minute ticket price in airline flights

Last-minute tickets will make the passenger get cheaper tickets for the Inland airline. There are two very important factors in the price of the last-minute tickets:
1. Short-Time distance for flight
2. Not completing the airline seats
In this situation, the charterer company will offer its tickets at a discount of 10% to 50% for travelers. The last-minute ticket makes the passenger to get cheaper ticket and the charterer also sells all his tickets.

Last Minute Ticket Characteristics

• Last minute tickets do not differ in terms of facilities and services with ordinary tickets. The conditions for the two passengers traveling together are identical.
• There is no possibility to compensate-ticket for the last minute tickets. Lack of time is the most important reason for not having compensate-ticket in the last-minute tickets.
• Due to the near-time flight time in the last minute tickets, you should always be ready to travel.
• The last minute ticket is not suitable for family and collective travel. The seat selection at the last minute tickets is not a passenger choice and may be scattered.
• The last minute ticket is not always the cheapest ticket. But its price depends on factors such as the type of flight and the solitude or busy year seasons. The last minute ticket is much cheaper than its ordinary ticket.

Airplane ticket prices

The price variation in the airplane ticket is very high. This price variation depends on several factors: type of ticket, time, type of flight class, airline Company and type of airline. In general, flight tickets can be divided into two types of systems and charter. System tickets usually have fewer fluctuations over the year than charter tickets. Time is one of the most effective factors in the charter ticket price. The chartery ticket prices on year busy days are more expensive than solitude ones. A low charter ticket price is provided during vacations for empty seats. The third most influential factor in charter tickets and its various prices is the existence of numerous chartering companies. The charter ticket price may vary depending on the supplier company's policies.

The system tickets characteristics are different compared to charter tickets. The biggest difference between these types of tickets is their price fluctuations. As stated above, system ticket price fluctuations are less than the charter ticket. The second difference between system tickets and charter tickets is the traveler age. System tickets for children between the ages of 2 and 12 are priced differently. In addition, a system ticket refund will include fewer penalties. Class flight type is one of the other factors influencing airplane ticket prices. The aim the flight class is the facilities type and services provided to the passenger. The flight ticket price will vary according to the flight class type. Airlines are allowed to pricing their tickets according to the airline type, quality and time. On the other hand, these companies will only be able to tariffing if they ratification the release at the airplane ticket price. The competition between airline companies is such that they try to attract more customers with the best prices and the most suitable facilities.

Cheap airplane ticket

In this stage, cheap airplane ticket depending on the flight class type. If the facilities and flight class type are limited, the flight ticket will be cheaper. Cheap flight ticket according to the class type are as follows:
1. Ordinary class or Economy class
2. Business Class
3. First class

Reservation airplane tickets

Online reservation of the airplane ticket is effective in saving time and money for passengers. Online reservation of the user's flight ticket at different points and having a mobile Internet connection can reserve the desired ticket. The payment for the reservation of the airplane ticket is made by bank card. If you plan to have an air trip, then we wish you a pleasant journey.

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