It's quite an easy chore to kids beds buy once you know how. There are excellent chains of furniture stores that give you more for less. In these online shops, you will get to see stacks of bedroom furniture, living room furniture and dining room furniture sharing space with some of the most innovative kids' beds and bunk beds. There are ranges of bedroom furniture that include Elisa in solid oak and Marseille in solid mahogany.

You can select Mexican pine bedroom furniture and Hampton in solid wood and the elite Chantilly Sleigh Bed Furniture that bring back memories of furniture from the 16th century besides American white oak bedroom furniture. You will also see some great examples of Indiana Double Bed, Providence Double Bed, and Elisa Oak Double Bed with the Royale Mattress, Polar White Double Bed and Oslo Pine Double Bed. But, strangely enough, children's beds do not come in these designs. The right way to go about the selection of beds for your children is to think the way they do.

Children do not think much of sleeping. As a matter of fact they don't like to spend time sleeping at all if they can help it. But, they love the right kind of kids' beds. Kids want to spend all their waking hours playing. So, when you drive them towards their beds they would like to extend their hours of waking by playing games. Children's beds are great for playing. The most loved among beds for kids are those that are shaped like their favorite toys. Take a look at Carlow Single Pine Bed, Polar Single Bed, Galway Single Metal Bed, the Racing Car Bed, JCB Junior Bed, Football Bed and Kinder Pink Junior Bed. These are all colorful beds and the kind of beds kids associate with games and their toys.

The other kind of kids' beds that kids love are those fit for rough and tumble, Red Indian and Cowboy, Police and Robber kind of games. Children love a thick mattress so give them one, especially the one that is fire retardant. Children also love pillows so that they can have their endless pillow fights. They also like the concept of the triple sleeper bed because they can climb up and jump down them. Children's beds should be safe so that they cannot get hurt while they are playing their games.

These beds must not have any sharp corners and yet should be strong enough to take on the brunt of their attack. The premier furniture stores have these points of safety in mind as will be evident when you see their storage beds, bunk beds and sleepover beds, trundle beds and those made from painted pine, solid oak or in metal designs. There is even the Carlow pine bed that is meant for kids that are prone to falling out of their beds occasionally.

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