There are several reasons why homeowners prefer investing in condominiums or condos rather than purchasing their own houses. Buying a condo generally entails investment in a particular apartment unit which can be owned privately by you. One of the most notable benefits of investing in a condo is that it is available at a much lower cost than a house. For instance, a condo situated at an area with high cost of living will cost you far lesser than what a house in the same area will do. As such you can actually enjoy all the benefits of that particular area at a fraction of the total cost of the house. So, a condo definitely makes for a wise financial decision for homeowners.

What are the facilities which of condos which you should know about?

Lower costs are not the only beneficial factor driving the popularity of condos. They (i.e. condos) redefine “urban living” in the best possible fashion. On one hand, one can enjoy all the facilities which are so infallibly associated with modern living - and on the other- the spectacular greenery surrounding the separate units can soothe your nerves at the end of a hectic day as well! So what exactly are “the modern facilities” we are talking about? Here is a rundown:

  • Fitness Station
  • In-house Pools
  • Laundry facilities (available in some condos)
  • Sun Lawn
  • Poolside deck
  • Eco Garden
  • Kids’ play pool
  • Play area for kids
  • Clubhouses
  • Tennis Court
  • Forest clubhouse
  • Water Deck
  • Others

The availability of all these amenities at your doorstep implies that you are not required to take long tiring journeys to the gym or to the clubhouse.

How should buy condos?

If you are mulling the purchase of a new home in the near future and are undecided whether you want to settle for a house or condo, we would advise you to try out a condo to start off with. You might as well be excited with the news of bartley condo new launch. However, if you are really interested in buying a condo soon, then you have to ensure that you are taking several considerations in to view before making a final decision in this regard. The buying and selling of condos make for a significant real estate transaction today. There is no room for rushed decisions here. Here are the things you should look out for.

Find out how well the condominium is managed. To be very frank, some complexes are managed pretty badly. For instance, you might not have the plumber turning up at your doorstep on time or for that matter you might find that not all the corners of the gym are cleaned or maintained properly. So, make sure you are doing a bit of a background research before settling for a choice.

Make sure you are estimating the resale value of the condo properly. A complex situated near major markets, hospitals and schools (like a condominium near bartley mrt) is likely to have better resale value than something which is situated in a relatively remote area

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