You might think that buying Miami embroidered apparel is much the same as investing in printed garments but they are quite different, and different situations suit each thing depending on your needs. There are some benefits to choosing customized embroidered shirts over printed, two of the main ones being your choice in color and how durable the design will be. In some printing options, you have a more limited choice in your color selection, and with screen printing especially it makes more sense to have fewer different colors. But with embroidery, you can have a detailed design with lots of color. You just have to think about the stitch count. You can also order in small quantities rather than having to do a big bulk order.

What to think about when having garments embroidered

1) Stick to high-quality garments

Do not try and save money by using low-quality shirts or apparel. Whatever your reason for investing in embroidery, Miami, in order for them to get the most out of it a better quality shirt will mean it lasts longer. Embroidery combined with a high-quality garment creates something durable and will even outlast a screen-printed top. You also want a quality thread in the embroidery. Talk to the service you are using about whether they use cotton, rayon or polyester and what is best for your purposes.

2) Consider the stitch count

Key to choosing embroidery is the stitch count in your design. The more detailed the design, the more color and of course the bigger the image the more stitches are needed. A lot of services charge per stitch count so the more intricate your design the more it will cost. Look at what your printing service charges, whether it is per stitch and whether there is a stitch limit.

3) Color

When you are getting Miami embroidered apparel you need to think about color. First of all, as mentioned the more color you want because of more details then the more it costs. But you need to think about the colors you choose to make sure they do not blend into the color of the garment. You also need to consider that when you choose colors the digital colors may not quite match up with the thread colors. While your embroidery service will try their best to match it might not quite be exact. You can ask to see a preview so you can then make adjustments until you are happy.

4) Careful of other fees

In some cases, vendors may have to send the clothing to another service or have them done by a third party in which case there could be set up fees and shipping fees so take a look into that.

5) Where is the design going

The great thing about customized embroidery Miami is you can choose anywhere to place the design rather than being stuck to the chest area that is more standard with printing. Place it on a pocket, on a sleeve and so on.

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