Nowadays mixer grinders play an important role in the household kitchen. Mixer Grinders are used to chop and grind vegetables, masalas, and extract juice from the fruits. 
Searching for the best Mixer Grinder in India?
If you are looking for the best and effective mixer grinder without making a hole in your pocket, then you should have to check out the important points while buying the best mixer grinder in India and these points are as follows
Types of Mixer grinder

While buying a mixer grinder, you should have to know about the different types of mixer grinder. So, you can easily choose the best one. 
There are two types of mixer grinders. One is a stand mixer grinder, rarely found in the household kitchen but largely found in bakeries, factories, etc. Another type of mixer grinder is the traditional mixer grinder, largely found in the household kitchen
2. Power and Speed
Power and speed, these are two most important factor while purchasing mixer grinder for your kitchen.
Choose the mixer grinder with wattage between 400 to 600 watts. Higher the wattage of the mixer grinder, the higher its performance. So, always go with the mixer grinder with higher wattage.
Speed is an important factor. Speed is defined as the number of rotation made by the blades of the mixer grinder in one minute. Select the mixer grinder with 1600 RPM. Nowadays mixer grinders allow you to control the speed.
3. Warranty
Last but not least. Go with the mixer grinder that gives you the at least 1 to 2 years warranty both on product and motor.
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