Gemstones make a beautiful, personal gift for any and every woman out there. They’re incredibly striking, meaningful and can be found in all shapes and sizes! Buying the perfect piece of jewellery for the woman in your life can be tricky, but with some careful thought, you can feel confident that the gemstone you pick will be perfect for her. If you’re looking at securing a gorgeous pair of gemstone earrings, but you need a little direction, consult this complete gemstone buying guide - it won’t steer you wrong, promise!

To perfectly pick a stone, you need to do some digging. Here’s a breakdown of the more popular variations of gemstones that can be found in amazing fine jewellery:

Moonstone: This is a light, clear-toned stone that’s incredibly soft and effeminate.

Garnet: A deep, dark russet red tone makes garnet incredibly sumptuous and alluring.

Blue Zircon: A bold and brilliant hue that makes any piece of jewellery stand out.

Amethyst: The royal purple tone of amethyst is mysterious and unique.

Opal: Opal is an amazingly emotive and interesting stone. It’s varied tones of silvers, sands, blues and purples almost make it look like its underwater.

Topaz: Topaz can be found in blue, white, ambers and even reds. It’s got a beautiful translucent nature to it and looks amazing with warmer toned metals.

Ruby: One of the more expensive gemstone options, rubies are strong, bold and red in colour.

Sapphire: Sophisticated, grown-up sapphire is a true marker of luxury. Its Lapis tone is incredibly striking in contrast to any metal.

Aquamarine: With a brilliant blue hue, this is great for those who love the ocean. Aquamarine is a bright pop of colour on a piece and goes well with silver or gold.

Once you’ve had a think about what gemstone is going to work best for her, you need to consider the style. Now, earrings come in a whole array of shapes and sizes, but we can generally separate them into two main categories, studs and non-studs. Stud earrings are your simple, elegant earrings that don’t stray from the earlobe. You can find teeny tiny sleeper styles or ones that cover the whole earlobe, if they’re not dangling, they’re a stud. This is a great option for the minimalist woman, someone who’s always on the go, or for those who don’t want to be constantly switching out the earrings that they’re wearing.

If the woman that you’re shopping for likes more of a dramatic look, you can turn to a few different styles! Look for hoops with gemstone detailing, elegant dangly chains and statement, interesting shapes. If you know that she loves a more eye-catching style, but you’re not sure what’s best, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple hoop earring.

When shopping for gemstones, you absolutely need to pay attention to their matching birth month! A birthstone makes for a beautiful present, whether it’s her birthday or not! Find her birthday’s matching stone and select a beautiful style that features it. This is an amazingly considerate and unique gift to give someone and they’ll really remember it forever. You’ll also start a habit of collecting pieces that apply to them and them alone, which is lovely and very sentimental.

Gemstone earrings for women are a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give any woman in your life. Just keep in mind her birth month, individual style and earring preference, and you won’t steer wrong. Get hunting now, by doing some exploring you’ll be all the more prepared when the time comes to find her perfect pair of earrings.

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