Soaring up the sales is not that easy task for any marketers until and unless your sales pipeline filled with usable leads. If you’re doing your own lead generation campaign, then it’s cool, no problem! But are you satisfied with you leads and are those enough to keep your campaign going.
Not only for direct mailing lists. Even the problem is same for Telemarketing Company. Even when you work with a telemarketing company, their lead production may also not be able to meet the numbers. So, what are the other ways that can be implemented to fix this problem?
One of the safe ways that can be done is to buy lists from other vendors or source. Depending on what sort of campaign you are using though, the list you need to purchase can vary. But still here are few battle proven tips that should be implemented to encourage more leads into your pipe line.
Direct Mailing Lists:
We all know that the direct mail is a great way to put impact on your prospects. Direct mail or direct campaign is a great way to advertise your product and services. You can send brochures to your prospects, as well as keep them updated by sending them updates through the mail. If you’re using direct mail in order to generate leads, advertising or for sending out updates and other things, buying direct mailing lists can serve you well, then you require a list provider. Provide them the details about what type of list you want and you should be able to purchase a customized and targeted list of leads.
Email Lists:
Email is another way to make your prospects aware of you and your products. It’s been seen that its one of the fastest way through which any B2B marketer can connect to their prospects and clients. Through email marketing, you have the capability to send out thousands of emails per day to all your prospects.
The practice is also a great way to generate leads. However you can’t take for granted when it comes to conversion rate. Nonetheless, it is a cheap and very quick alternative to generating B2B leads in order to fill your pipeline. The list you will need will be an email marketing list, a list that gives you the email address of personnel you need to contact.
Telemarketing Lists
If you are into B2B marketing then telemarketing list is one of the major weapons that will definitely expand your chance to get more leads. Telemarketing is such a dynamic and one of the best methods of generating B2B sales leads.
So if you buy a telemarketing list then it won’t be a bad idea. The best method of generating leads is through cold-calling, though it would all be for nothing if you had no business contacts on your list or in your database. Telemarketing lists were made with privacy-compliance in mind so expect nothing but the best quality telemarketing lists when you buy from list providers.
These are some of the basic yet effective tips that should be implemented. You can even go for entire business database if you wanted to. But remember, specify your requirements and you can get yourself a highly-customized list to meet your marketing campaigns needs.

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Linda Mentzer is a published author and senior marketing manager for an information management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale. With over 11 years of experience in electronic marketing techniques, Linda has authored articles for several leading business journals, worldwide.