Dressing up your new born baby can be a rather difficult task today. Not because of the lack of options, but because of the multitude choices available today. If there’s one thing that parents want, it is to give their baby that adorable look while maybe even adding a fun touch to the baby’s personality. While you may want to dress your baby up in the latest fashions available, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind when buying newborn baby clothes.
Type of material

New born babies have very sensitive skin and this is why it is extremely important that you only choose clothes that are made from lightweight and soft material. Remember, no style is worth your baby’s comfort. Cotton is perhaps the best choice in material when you are buying newborn clothes. This is because it keeps your baby feeling cool, is soft on the skin and also prevents any heat bumps and rashes from affecting your baby’s skin.

Latest style

With the importance of baby fashion, it isn’t surprising that every parent wants the latest in style for their baby or toddler. The most common styles that not only look good on babies but also keep them comfortable are clothing items like jumpers, dungarees and t-shirts. Printed newborn clothes are always a good choice as they make babies look cute and never go out of fashion. It would serve you well to remember that babies do grow up fast, so spending on expensive clothes would be a bit of a waste. Just ensure you buy clothes that look decent and fit well.

Baby colours

It isn’t hard to go wrong with colours when you are picking out newborn baby clothes. The ground rule is that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Apart from these, pastel shades of different colours will suit any newborn baby, so you need not worry there. However, you may want to keep a check on dark colours and as far as possible stay away from these. Babies are meant to look bright and happy and light colours give them the perfect effect. Another reason to keep your baby out of dark colours is that they absorb heat and can cause your baby to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Clothes for different climates

When buying newborn clothes, it is also important that you take into consideration the current climate. If it’s hot more often, thin and light weight newborn baby clothes in soft shades are the best choice. They will keep your little one feeling cool and comfortable. On the other hand, thicker and dark clothes are a suitable option for the winter or even rainy season as they keep heat in and ensure your baby is not affected by adverse climates. Keeping a pair of booties, mittens and even a bonnet will also come handy on those extra chilly days or when travelling with your baby as they will keep his or her feet and hands toasty warm, ensuring safety and comfort.

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