Buying refurbished MacBooks is more popular than ever. If you do proper research regarding model comparisons, pricing, reputable dealers and warranties like 1-year return base, you can get a something with great value. The most critical variable to research to buy used MacBook or Refurbished MacBooks are listed below.

  • Compare the Pricing – Are they Offering Competitive Pricing
  • Check for Factory Certified
  • Make Sure the MacBook Seller is Reputable and Experienced In the Industry
  • Check for Return To Base Policy
  • Review the Warranties

Review the Included Accessories
Compare the Pricing – Are they Offering Competitive Pricing
If you are buying a refurbished MacBook, low price is one of the priorities. Best is to compare what’s available on the market with what Apple’s website offers in its refurbished section. Expect an average savings of 10 to 15 percent off. You can also find comparable models on Amazon and eBay. Importantly consider the return policy, system configuration, refurbishing process and warranty length.

Check for Factory Certified
After pricing the most second factor is “factory certified”. Factory certified refurbished MacBook by Apple have similar standards. High-quality 3rd party retailers carefully test and bring the equipment back to factory settings before selling and sending. It’s much more difficult to know if a used MacBook has undergone extensive refurbishing when bought from Amazon, Craigslist or eBay. Moreover, warranties are usually shorter than 1-year return to base.

Make Sure the MacBook Seller is Reputable and Experienced In the Industry
Verifying the reputation of the seller is also essential. Best is to do a Google search to find the reviews. Reliable 3rd party seller must have 1000s of satisfied reviews and long-term success proof in the industry.

Check for Return To Base Policy
Checking for return policy is the best safeguard. A consumer-friendly policy like a 1-year return to base allows return without any terms and conditions. In most if not all the cases, all the shipping is returned and there aren’t any restocking charges. Usually, there is a 14 days return policy on Amazon, but they charge for restocking fee. On Craigslist and eBay, return policies are not as liberal.

Review the Warranties
It is also much important to check the warranties. Many 3rd party sellers offer 90 days warranties on all their products. 1 and 2-year extended warranties are also available at a discount and can be bought within the original 90-days warranty. These warranties are usually handled with a replacement to minimize your downtime.

Review for Included Accessories
Finally, make sure to verify the fine-print facts of products verifying which accessories are included in the pack. If necessary accessories like charger, adequate memory and cables aren’t included in the package, your money is at risk. Carefully checking the product description and complete list of product specs is essential. For instance, reliable 3rd party sellers offer their refurbished MacBooks with standard RAM, charger, charger cable, power adaptor as well as a professionally installed operating system. Best way to buy used MacBook with high quality is to opt a seller carefully. Reputation, their experience in the industry and pricing all contribute to the best buying experience possible. If they are the leader in the industry, they must have the reputation and experience buyers are looking for.

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Misty Jhones