The swimming goggles - You can not do without it. At the same time the item of your swimming equipment that can cause annoyance due to leaking or catching glasses. Here we will share all the tricks and hacks about the swimming goggles.
There are a lot of different brands of swimming goggles, even today we also have different types. The prices also vary considerably. You can google the price, today we have wide range of googles starting from $3.95 to $70.00 for swimming purpose. But the question is which one is suitable for you?

We always recommend not to buy glasses that are very cheap. That is a little toy store level. Between $10 and $25 you can have really good swimming goggles for long term use.

Tips when buying swimming goggles
There are so many aspects that you can pay attention to when buying. Determine yourself when you purchase important differences that are important to you.

Swimming goggles on strength
People who wear glasses can order swimming goggles for vision correction. You can put together glasses yourself: different strength for left and right eye, a nose and an elastic. A store with a very large selection and very good service for swimming goggles on strength is .

Adjustable nose
For better glasses to fit, it is better if you can adjust the distance between the glasses with an adjustable nose. These can be different sizes of intermediate pieces, or a connecting piece that is flexible enough to let it form with your head.

The material that connects to your skin is usually something like silicone-like stuff. The smoother / thinner, the more comfortable and the less chance of a leaky spectacle.

Are you afraid of the water because you do not see well? Do you want to be able to swim freely and see everything that happens around you? Then buy a swimming mask with average stability. Do you have problems adjusting your goggles and are you looking for a specimen that optimally protects your eyes and is comfortable to wear? Then a Frogglez® swimming goggles are the best choice.

The smaller and more streamlined the glasses, the less resistance in the water. Especially important for competition swimmers and for newbies (if your kid wants to go for a first time).

Anti fog properties
Some glasses have been given a protective layer from the factory so that it does not cover. So stay away from unprotected glasses and do not rub off. After all, it always disappears after a while.

Single or double elastic
If a swimming goggle has a double elastic, it often stays better. You then put a rubber band slightly higher and the other slightly lower on your back. Only cheaper glasses only have elastic. Take Frogglez® goggles if you seriously want to enjoy swimming.

The color of the Goggles
There are swimming goggles in different colors. Besides the aesthetic aspect, it is important to buy glasses that are geared to where you swim. If you swim outside or in a swimming pool with lots of light, you should opt for swimming goggles with dark or photochromic glasses that adjust automatically to the ambient light.

When do you know if your swimming goggles are correct?
You actually have to fit a pair of glasses. The trick is that a well-fitting goggles also sucks vacuum without the elastic is stuck. Adjusting the elastic should be a bit on feeling. Too loose is not good, then the glasses will leak when you drop off. Too tight is not nice either. Recognizable by the red circles around your eyes and the questioning looks of people you encounter afterwards. A well-fitting pair of glasses does not need super tight elastic to stay in place.

How long does a pair of glasses last?
That is a bit about how you handle it. Rinse after training and carry in a protective case in your bag. If you swim intensively several times a week, glasses will last for about a year.

Why Frogglez® Goggles are recommended for Kids?
If you want to buy good quality goggles for your kid, then Frogglez® goggles should be your first choice. You'll find it more comfortable and skin friendly. The premium quality silicon is used in the preparation that guarantee zero water leakage and the kids will experience better visibility under the water. Also, there's a wide elastic band that looks cool and never pulls hairs. Frogglez® goggles are available in more colors and suitable deigns. Explore all styles and colors at

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