IS this thing rightful or is it wicked? Will it push up your position in serp's? Will it get you removed forever from search engines or Will it increase your PageRank.Would their be any effect in,your number of back links.Can buygin text links bring your desired audience,towards your website and is it ethical to do it.These are some of the questions the webmasters are asking,when it comes to buying links.

There's not anything suspicious with purchasing an ad space on a website that links back to your website. Advertising your site is good,for building your website brand,which can be done so by,Advertising it on well visited sites where your target market spends it's time.Your advertisements on other people's

sites are none of the search engines' business and will not get your site banned or penalized,so feel free to advertise,as those adds will not going to affect your website. How you market your site totally depends on you, and their is nothing to worry about search engines,when it comes to advertising on websites.

However, ads that are bought on websites are not purchased for the targeted traffic they will bring, but as an
attempt to increse back links of a website in a un-natural way.Advertising on a well known site can often help with legitmate search engine rankings

To the search engines, a back links means that the visitors find the site interesting.This can be a truth a long time ago,when the internet world started to flourish. But today a link could mean something completely different. The meaning of can also be a link exchange for many people, or an
ad, and so on.This means search engines don't know what the purpose of the link was, things have really gotten
complex for them.

Unfortunately, this is wreaking havoc with search engine algorithms. On the one hand, they know it's not their place to tell people whether they should or should not advertise on other sites,especially since most of the engines are
advertising companies in their own right. On the other hand, without any way to figure out which links are truly a vote for a site, and which are simply a paid ad, the relevancy of the search results for any given keyword phrase can be
skewed towards those who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The good news for search engines,and I guess the bad news for text link sellers is that most text links and the sites that sell them tend to leave noticeable "footprints" back in the code.For search engines It would be no difficult at all
to do a little digging into what the latest footprints are, Find out all those pages that have them, and simply not allow them to pass any link popularity.

This is not a penalty, keep it in mind,but,It would just be a way for the search engines to count only votes and not ads.Your ads would still be worthwhile for the exposure and direct traffic they bring, but not for providing you with link popularity. So although your site wouldn't technically be penalized, its rankings could drop if it was dependent upon the link popularity of paid links.

For those of you who don't believe the search engine optimization can do this, you obviously haven't been paying attention over the years. What do you think every major update at Google has been about.They haven't been specifically about purchased link ads, but they have been about finding a subset of pages that all have similar characteristics and no longer allowing them to count the way they used to count towards rankings. Which means every page using the technique in question suddenly finds their rankings have dropped like a rock.

It's not a matter of this will happen with paid text link ads, but when It could be next week, next month, or next year. Regardless of when the engines decide to lower the boom, you can bet we're going to hear a lot of crying in the forums about it, For now, if you're buying text link ads,
or have been thinking about it, I wouldn't really worry about it. Just make a mental note to yourself that whatever boost to your rankings they may provide now could vanish at any time. It's no big deal if you're getting real traffic
from your ads, or if you're simply using them to jumpstart your SEO campaign.

It's going to be a problem only if your livelihood depends on buying or selling text link ads to boost link popularity.

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