Today most people would naturally opt for the wireless device because of the obvious advantages of not having to worry about wires and also the added space from fewer wires. If you're taxed for space and you'd like to setup a computer system in your room or office, then I'd recommend that you went out and purchased wireless components in order to compensate for your obvious deficiencies in space. With the wireless Bluetooth mouse, you needn't worry about moving out of range nor do you have to worry about any added clutter to your house or office.

If you are a person who is tired of making presentation with those annoying wires of your mouse getting in your way disturbing you, then you can very well understand the convenience of a wireless mouse. When we decide to go for wireless mouse, we have two options: RF mouse and Bluetooth mouse. The obvious expert's choice is going to be the Bluetooth mouse because of the Bluetooth connectivity.

If you are planning to upgrade your computer or if your computer is Bluetooth enabled, then your best option is to go for Bluetooth mouse. That too, if you have integrated Bluetooth in your laptop, then Bluetooth mouse will be an ideal accessory for your laptop. So, wondering what makes the Bluetooth special? Firstly, you don't need to install dongle. If you already own a Bluetooth enabled laptop or computer, then your Bluetooth mouse will work straightaway even without the installation of Bluetooth dongle. It is connecter souris bluetooth à l'ordinateur and operates through a sensor, the main advantage of this is that you have less wires and cables to deal with. Data is able to be sent at a frequency band of 2.4 Gigahertz with this technology. Your average Bluetooth mouse has a range of up to 30 feet from your computer, with a signal that is strong enough to penetrate walls.

If you are not comfortable using old version of your Laptop Mouse, then Bluetooth Mouse and USB Mouse offer you convenience of both desktop and Laptop mouse.

The USB laptop mouse composes of an adapter that connects into your flash disk or USB port. Most laptop comes with a set at least two USB Ports. The USB optical mouse is plug and play compatible and inject into the USB flash disk port. Most optical laptop mouse develops optical sensor that does not need a mouse pad.

The Bluetooth laptop mouse on the other hand, does not contain two USB Ports. Bluetooth's mouse is also wireless. It can operate without the use of USB Flash Disk port or USB receiver. Most Enabled-Bluetooth laptops can be found and lock within seconds even with no installation of software.

Both USB and Blue Tooth laptop get you feel and look of the more common Desktop mouse. Both the same styles and both powered by triple A battery. Only the Bluetooth mouse needs apply Bluetooth technology already build in it, while USB Flash Disk mouse just needs two USB ports or two USB receivers.

The USB type mouse is suitable to more laptops and inexpensive as well. In addition, the range of USB is strong enough to catch up signals. However, Bluetooth mouse is greater Than USB type of mouse because the receiver is included into the laptop. The Bluetooth mouse directly connects to a Bluetooth Desktop computer without a USB port and a trans-receiver, which frees up USB ports for other gadgets and devices.

The Numerous Types of Bluetooth Mouse

Currently there are two types of theses Bluetooth devices: the notebook and optical mouse. The optical mouse is able to identify the user’s movement on the mouse through a laser light sensor positioned below it. These devices also come with a little scroll button that can be used to navigate through documents or web pages. The corded optical mouse operates in the same fashion with the only difference being that it uses a cord, whereas the wireless uses radio signals.

The notebook mouse is the specifically designed for the laptop computer. These devices are slimmer and more compact than your standard wireless mouse. For this reason, it's significantly easier for the user to take his mouse around with him when he doesn't feel like using the touchpad.

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